Are Sports Drinks Really Healthy?

05-11-20 - Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are heralded as these amazing source of electrolytes and everything the body needs to restore itself. But is that really true?

I took a dive into many of the popular sports drinks and not surprising, there was one ingredient that was pretty consistent across them all. A ton of sugar. Some had nearly as much as a soda.

So why are they proclaimed as such a good thing? Sure if you’ve just got done doing an intense workout for two hours in the heat, having one is fine, but many of us reach for these as a healthy alternative to soda. We think we are doing ourselves a good thing. But are we really.

I dive into exactly which ones are pretty good, and which ones you should steer clear of in the below video.


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Why You Should Workout at Home

04-05-20 Resistance band workout

When it comes to working out, now can be a difficult time. There is a lot of pressing worries on our minds, and gyms are closed. We have every excuse not to workout right?

But now is the time we should be focusing on working out more than ever before. Fitness is not just for our physical health but our mental health as well. There are a ton of studies out there that prove the mental benefits of working out or being physically active.

Sure there may be more junk food in the house right now because your kids are home from school. Sure you are feeling more lethargic, and yes it’s just “not the same” as the gym.

But so what?

Do it anyway. All that is going on is more than enough reason to continue to be active. Whether it’s getting out for a couple walks a day, taking up yoga to some YouTube videos, or getting in a workout with some home weights or a resistance band.

I love resistance bands because they are inexpensive, are easily transported, and can let you hit every muscle group.

So stop sitting around and get moving. Check out the full resistance band workout below.


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How to Start Gaining Muscle

04-03-20 Start Gaining

I am a hard gainer. It’s hard for me to put on muscle. Hard for me to gain mass and weight. When I started working, I bought some weights, and starting lifting in my house. I was sure that in a matter of mere weeks even my muscles would have muscles. But week after week went by and nothing changed. So I started lifting harder and heavier, and still nothing.

Now there were several things that kept me from gaining muscle.

The first was that I did everything wrong when it came to how I was lifting. I didn’t understand that the way I lifted was more important that how much weight I lifted. I didn’t understand how important the mind muscle connection was.

And probably the biggest thing I didn’t understand was how important nutrition was to putting on muscle and gaining mass. In fact once I solved my lifting problems and then got my nutrition on track, I started gaining.

It wasn’t that I needed the right diet plan, the right supplement, the right coach. It was that I needed the right knowledge and the realization that it would take time, and not be an overnight process.

In the video below I go into detail about the mistakes I made and how you can avoid making the same ones.


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Beginners Arm Workout Guide

Arm Workout

When it comes to working out your arms we probably immediately think of doing some bicep curls, maybe some tricep push-downs and getting through our workout and getting it over with.

But we often lose sight of the fundamentals of effectively lifting. So what techniques are super important for us to follow?

  1. Lower the weight on the dumbbells or barbell. Too often we get so concerned with how much weight we are lifting that we forget the basics of the mind muscle connection because we are too busy trying to get up those reps of a weight that’s probably too much for us.
  2. It’s not just about getting 10, 12, or 15 reps on each set. 5 reps that are done correctly and stretch your muscle fibers the way they are supposed to are far better than 20 that are done poorly. Focus on your form, slow down on your reps, especially the eccentric (lowering or returning to starting position phase).

In the video below I walk through what I believe to be some of the foundational exercises for triceps and biceps that you should be performing, as well as how you should be approaching your technique.

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Supplements to GAIN Muscle

03-20-20 supplements

So there are a million and one supplements out there for muscle gain, for weight loss, for giving you wings, and sprout fairy dust..okay not really but sometimes it feels that way. Every time I turn around there is a new supplement.

MLM’s are built off supplements. Your alkaline is out of whack! Your acidity is too high! Eat this pure chalk! Drink this apple cider vinegar! There are so many gimmicks out there that promise the world.

I literally saw an ad for a gummy bear that burns fat. A gummy bear?! What the hell? No gummy bear is going to let you burn fat.

The fitness industry as a whole has complicated the fitness journey so much. But it is really quite simple. The basics? Lift heavy, eat healthy, and eat in the right moderation.

Now, are there some supplements that can be beneficial? Absolutely! And I’m talking about the few good ones out there and why they may benefit you. Find out which ones I agree with in the video below.

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Home Dumbbell Workout

03-22-20 dumbbell workout

So chances are your gym is closed down. Now initially I know that’s a bummer, I know it is for me. But if you’ve got a pair of dumbbells your amount of workouts are pretty much limitless.

It is crucial to stay on track with your workouts, don’t let depression or fear grip you and keep you from living your best life. While there is indeed heartache going on in the world, there is also a lot of good going on and we should use this time to grow stronger, not just physically but mentally.

Use this time to listen to that podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to. Pic up that book, tackle that home project, get your workouts in, practice food prep and new recipes.

Much of it is just a matter of switching our mindset from the negative to the positive and choosing to see the good.

So grab some dumbbells, check out the video below and get after it!

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Eat to Gain Muscle | Full Day of Eating

How to eat to build Muscle

When it comes to gaining muscle, the gym is the first thing that comes to mind. Swinging weights around, pushing those muscle fibers to their absolute max and hitting new personal records. That’s how we grow muscle right?

Well in part. But it’s only one piece. In truth what you are feeding your body the rest of the day is just as if not more important that what you do inside the gym.

Think about it this way; we go to the gym, spend maybe an hour getting our sweat on, then leave and go about our day right? But food isn’t so simple is it?

We have three meals a day, snacks, food staring at us in the break room, fast food signs glaring at us as we drive down the road. Advertisements for pizza loaded with bubbling cheese. It’s everywhere, and because of that, it’s much harder to stay on track with our food.

When I started off in fitness I was told over and over: “just eat more food”. So I did. I ate more ice cream, more pizza, more hamburgers, more oreos, more soda. Guess what happened? NOTHING.

That’s right I still stayed super skinny. Now before you get angry and tell yourself that you wish you could eat all that and stay skinny, I was beyond skinny. I weighed 118 pounds, lacked confidence, lacked self-esteem, and it was not a good place to be.

What I later discovered is that while how much you eat definitely plays a role, so does WHAT you eat. The empty calories I had been eating were going in my body, but my body couldn’t do anything with those calories. Those calories couldn’t be put to work to build muscle.

Once I started eating good healthy foods that actually fueled and nourished my body, I started seeing changes and results from all my hard work.

Sure it took time and nothing good happens over night, but I could start to see forward progress.

Check out the video below to see everything I eat in a day (currently at least; I try to change it up pretty frequently).

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I Tried Vegan – Here’s What Happened!


So on January 1st of this year I set out to try out vegan. As a trainer I get a lot of people who ask me about being vegan, and rather from speaking solely from knowledge I’ve picked up, I wanted to have first hand experience. So I set out on January 1st to go the whole month of January as a vegan. What happened truly surprised me.

The first week, in all honesty, sucked. I felt like at all times of the day I had things coming out of me at both ends and was constantly running to the bathroom. A normal occurrence when starting off on such a huge change.

This tapered off after the first week thank goodness because it was getting old. Surprisingly I wasn’t really missing meat. Now on my normal diet, I pretty much only eat chicken and fish, so I’m not a huge meat eater to begin with. Some of the other animal products like milk, cheese, eggs, and yogurt I did miss. Even despite that though, I was really enjoying some of the new recipes I was discovering, and was finding that using beans or chickpeas as my main source of protein in meals wasn’t a bad change.

By week two I didn’t feel 100% normal, but compared to the first week, it was so much better. My stomach still had a little bit of queasiness, but overall I felt good. My gym visits were pretty normal, I didn’t see any negative results on how much I was lifting or anything.

Week three hit and while I really wanted some ice cream, I felt like I was going strong at this point. Lots of veggies, rice, and pea protein powder. I’m not going to lie pea protein powder is not the most tasty stuff in the world.

Now at the beginning of the month I had weighed myself, and taken measurements, of my chest, biceps, neck, waist, and thighs in order to compare. On January 20th I decided to do a check in, and see where I was at with my size and weight. After all, I’m all about Bones to Bulk so I wanted to make sure it was lining up with that. Now keep in mind I was eating in a caloric excess not by much but still an excess in order to maintain my starting weight and maybe even put on a few pounds.

I was pretty shocked after my weigh-in and measurements that everything had gone down. On my chest I had lost two inches (holy crap!) in size (in just under three weeks). Everywhere else I lost 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch. The only thing that didn’t change were my thighs. In addition I was down about three pounds.

So I made a decision to end it 20 days in, on January 20th. I was not able to maintain my size even despite eating an excess of calories.

Now I will say several things about going vegan.

  1. I have a new found respect of vegans, it takes a lot of discipline and lots of work.
  2. It is possible to be unhealthy and be vegan. I was shocked at how many vegan processed foods there are, from pizza, to chicken alternative wings, soy hamburgers, vegan ice cream, vegan cookies, not to mention all the bad carbs you can consume on the vegan diet. So while eating healthy and clean on a vegan diet is the way to go, vegan doesn’t necessarily equal healthy.
  3. If weight loss is your goal, it probably will work great for you.
  4. If you are trying to gain mass and muscle, it is doable, but the amount of food you have to eat is insane, and you will probably be eating non-stop all day long.

I put together a recap video that you can watch below of my experience with the vegan journey. Once again it was a great eye-opening experience and I am glad for all I learned, and I even picked up some great recipes from it.

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How to Build Muscle (Do This!)


When it comes to building muscle there are some key things that are needed.  But what about when you have that one muscle group that just doesn’t seem to want to grow?  We tend to all have that one muscle group that doesn’t grow like we want to.  We work it out every week and yet it still just doesn’t get where we want it to.  So what do we do? I mean we want to go from skinny to buff right?

The answer is simple.  First off anything worth doing takes time.  Muscle does not grow huge over night, and you don’t transform from skinny to buff, or bulk up overnight.  But that’s okay.

If you’ve never heard of the compound effect let me explain it briefly.  The compound effect is the thought process that when you do small actions every day over a long period of time you will see drastic results.  When you dive further into it you will see that change doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to learn more about this I highly recommend checking out Darren Hardy’s book titled “The Compound Effect.” It’s a great read.

So when you have a muscle group that you want to grow it’s simple. We use this compound effect.  Let’s say for example you are wanting to work on your biceps more. What you are going to want to do is every day no matter what muscle group you are working out you want to perform two exercises that target the biceps (or whatever muscle group you are wanting to improve).

So let’s say it’s chest day.  Do your normal chest workout then do two bicep exercises.

If it’s leg day, at the end do two bicep exercises.

If it’s arm day…perform two additional (they can be the same as exercises you already did that day) exercises.

Are you going to see results in one week? No.  But keep this up for three to six months and you will see some amazing results.

I go into it a bit more in this video:

Want More Muscle Mass? Do This!

Photo by Valery Sysoev on Unsplash

When it comes to gaining muscle mass you are probably already hitting the gym hard right?  And while you are seeing progress it’s not quite what you want to see?  It’s because what you do outside the gym matters even more.

What you eat determines whether or not you are going to actually gain mass.  If your body is not getting enough calories and you are lifting hard, your muscles have nothing to feed off of in order to grow, so it’s only going to get you so far.

So what you do you do?  Well you need to make sure you are eating clean and eating enough.  Your calorie intake has to be in excess of what you are burning.  If you have never tracked calories it will be a game changer for you.  Most of us (myself included) before tracking calories are way off on what we are actually consuming.

So for starters grab a calorie tracker app.  There are a ton out there, find one that works for you.  I personally like FitBit’s app (you don’t need a fitbit to use the app).

Start by figuring out how many calories you should be eating.  When starting with an app it will have you put in your stats such as weight, height, age, and then you will put in your goal for weight loss/gain. Once you do this it calculates how many calories you should be eating  a day.

This is what you want to stick with.

From here start logging every single thing you eat.  Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world and you will find that some foods either have way less or way more calories than you thought.

Get your calories on point, and your muscle gains will follow suit.  For more check our our free video course to start gaining muscle.