What Should You Prep?

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So this week we have been talking about food preparation. In my previous post I talked about the importance of prepping, now I want to dive into what kinds of foods you should prep.

Prep your meats, you can cook your turkey, chicken, or fish ahead of time, freeze it in zip-lock bags or containers.

Cook potatoes, brown or wild rice, quinoa, or couscous and again divide it up into containers for each day.

Hard-boiled eggs are a great food to prep as you can boil them all ahead of time, just don’t peel them till the day you are going to eat them.

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Veggies can be cut up, along with fruit and berries or grapes put in zip-locks.

Tree nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, or pecans can all be divided up into small containers.

The more food you prep the more you set yourself up for success during the week, because let’s face it life is unpredictable and there are many days where if we don’t have our food prepped we can easily slip back into unhealthy eating habits. Check out this week’s podcast for more help with your prepping.


You Should Prep Yourself

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While getting in our 4–7 workouts a week can sometimes be difficult, it pales in to comparison with our 21 meals plus snacks throughout the week, both in time and effort.

Nutrition is literally the key to fitness. Don’t get me wrong workouts are very important but nutrition holds the upper hand by far. So how do you stay focused on eating right and find the time to do it?

By prepping your food. If you are not prepping you are missing out and probably falling short of your nutrition goals many weeks. When it comes to food prep get on a routine. Pick a day you have off and go grocery shopping, get everything you need for the week then come home and bust out all the kitchen stuff.

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Don’t put anything away in cabinets or the refrigerator. cut up your meat and put it in zip-locks for each night, cook whatever you can ahead of time like quinoa, or boil your eggs for the week, separate snacks into zip-locks or small plastic containers. Cut up your veggie and fruit.

Having everything prepped ahead of time saves you from having to think about your food every day and instead it’s just all ready to grab and go. So get going and prep! For more helpful info check out our website.

The Dirty Bulk Myth

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When it comes to bulking and gaining muscle mass there’s this belief that for a certain period of time we’ll eat whatever we want, then deprive ourselves and cut.

There are two things I really want when it comes to fitness. First, to have a good amount of lean muscle. Second to be healthy and maintain it over the long haul. Not only is it possible to put on lean muscle mass by eating clean, but why wouldn’t you want to?

With Rich Piana’s death last year, I feel that maybe that opened the door to some conversations about what health actually looks like. There’s so much emphasis placed on how we look externally that we forget we may be dying internally as a result.

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So if you are wanting to gain muscle mass just eat whatever in order to gain the pounds, eat clean, whole grains, healthy carbs, good lean proteins, healthy fats. All it takes is making sure you hit that surplus of clean calories while lifting in order in insure that you building mass, while also taking care of yourself. We are talking more about that in this week’s podcast.  Or find more at our website.

Weight Lifting Myth #1

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This week we are debunking some common myths about working out and hitting the gym. First on the list of myths? Lifting heavy weights will make me have too big of muscles. Usually this come from clients I have or people who ask me questions who are new to lifting.

I wish it were this simple. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or just get some definition, you need to lift heavy. I can’t even begin to tell you the benefits of weight lifting. For one, it increases your metabolism. Not just while you are lifting either, it can boost your metabolism for up to 39 hours after your lift.

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But the myth comes in with thinking that lifting alone will get you muscle mass. Lifting without eating for muscle gains is not going to have any effect on actually building mass. Think of it as wanting to build a really big building with legos, but if you only have a very small pile of legos you are not going to be able to build a large building.

It’s the same with your muscles, if you don’t eat for mass muscle gains, your muscles won’t have anything to grow with and get huge. So if you are just wanting to define and tone, lift heavy. You can find more about this on our podcast.

Why Every Rep Matters

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So Monday I talked about how your form is crucial to properly build muscles and avoid injury. And if that was the peanut butter, the speed of your rep is the jelly.

Once again a common mistake I see clients and others in the gym make is trying to burst through their reps so that they hit that number they are aiming for. Now don’t get me wrong I agree that you should be aiming for a certain rep range and that range should change each week, I talked about this a couple podcasts back in episode 00.

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But if you are speeding through your reps to hit that number then you need to change what you are doing. Your reps should be slow, painfully slow, especially when you are returning to the starting position of each repetition.

If you have to sacrifice speed to hit your rep range, then drop the amount of weight you are lifting. It’s okay to go down in weight and get your reps right, in the end it will do far more to build your muscles than improper form and super fast reps. I talk more about this is today’s podcast if you want to here more in episode 002.

Is Your Form In The Gym That Important?

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If you follow my writings and podcast you may have heard me mention before about having the proper form in the gym, but just how important is this?

Well to be honest proper form is essential in the gym. You risk a lot when you don’t practice proper form. For starters there is the risk of injury. Not using proper from can open you up to muscle strains, tears, and other serious injuries, which when you are unable to lift will be a huge setback.

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Another way improper really hurts you is in your gains. Let’s say you are doing a barbell curl and rocking your whole body while you try to lift each rep and are straining, the more you strain the more you arch your back and get into that full body swinging motion. This employs not only the momentum of your body, but other muscle groups that you are not even trying to work out, thus robbing yourself of effectively building the targeted muscle.

After all you work out certain muscle groups to target them right? So make sure you are using proper form in order to fully maximize your gains.

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I’m Tired of Failing

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I’m tired. Yes I said it. It’s about 6:45 and I got a text from my gym buddy at about 3:45 said he was feeling under the weather and wasn’t making it. So me? I went back to bed. Now granted it’s still 6:45 so I’m still up early, but it feels late and I even have a twinge of guilt, even though I know I am going to go to the gym later instead to get my workout in.

But guilt has a way of trying to cripple us. It likes to tell us we failed and that we might as well give up. Maybe you’ve been on track with your nutritionplan and you fell off the band wagon over the holiday weekend, or maybe you haven’t been to the gym in a few days.

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So what do you do? Get back up and make things happen, get back in the gym, get back on track with your nutrition plan. It doesn’t take much to get right back into the groove of everything. The biggest hurdle you have to overcome is your mindset, because as I said our mind can deter us and weight us down, it can keep us from going after what we know we are capable of and what we should do.

So get past the guilt, past the doubt, and in the words of Nike, Just do it. Don’t think, just take the leap. Regardless of what failures plague your past, or what people have told you or what you’ve told yourself. You’ve got this.

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