What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like It


Let’s face it, if you’ve been trying to workout for any length of time you know that there are days when you don’t want to go to the gym. Monday was one of those days for me and I am the one who is always saying “don’t skip Mondays”.  The day was crazy busy and I was exhausted, on top of that I pulled a muscle on Sunday and was not feeling great.  But after the kids were to bed, my wife had some conference calls that would take up some time that night, so I figured I had best get my butt to the gym.  And you know what?  I’m so glad I did.

Yesterday with work and getting costumes ready and the two kiddos ready with my wife that took up the rest of yesterday so I wasn’t able to make it, all the more reason I am glad I hit it Monday.

The point is if you have the opportunity to make it, don’t skip it because there will be legitimate days where you can’t as opposed to days you don’t want to.

So here are some tips if you struggle with going to the gym.  If you go from work, have your workout gear in the car, that way there is no excuse to go home.

If you do go home, DON’T SIT DOWN.  Immediately go change, grab your earbuds, and head right back out the door, because once you sit down you are going to start procrastinating.

So get up and go.  We miss so many opportunities just because we wait and think about things too much.  Get up and move.  You’ve got this.



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I run Bones to Bulk, a complete program that focuses on the nutritional, fitness, and mental game of gaining lean muscle naturally.

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