How to Eat For Muscle Growth

eating to gain muscle

There are a lot of questions when it comes to how to eat  for building muscle.  I’ve heard some say eat whatever you want, others say eat no carbs.  The list goes on and on of what to eat or not to eat.  The truth is in addition to eating for muscle we want to eat for longevity and overall health.  We want to be healthy on the outside as well as the inside.

It makes me cringe when people talk about how they are bulking so they don’t care what they eat.  This is not the way to build solid lean muscle.

What to Eat to Gain Muscle

You want to eat a balanced diet, lean meats (no red meat), whole grain carbs from sources like brown rice, oats, wheat bread, potatoes, both sweet and white.  Lots of fresh veggies.  Lots of water, no juices, teas, or sodas.

You see, eating healthy so that you can go from skinny to buff is not hard, it just takes practice.  And it’s about how much you are eating. If you haven’t already, then you have to put in your statistics to an app so that it will calculate how many calories a day you should be eating to gain weight. Then aim to hit that number or higher, while eating CLEAN foods.  Hitting that number that is specific to your inputs,  while working out and eating clean will change you and build muscle.

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I run Bones to Bulk, a complete program that focuses on the nutritional, fitness, and mental game of gaining lean muscle naturally.

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