How Much Protein Should I Eat For Muscle Growth?


If you’ve ever looked into changing your diet in order to build muscle then you know protein is an invaluable source for that.  It’s so become ingrained that you have to have protein that I would go so far to say that marketing has convinced some that if you start gulping down protein powder then muscles will start popping out everywhere.

So yes protein is a valuable source.  Amino acids are the building blocks for your muscle and you do need to make sure you are consuming enough.  Aim for 1 – 1.5 grams per pound of body weight a day.


Don’t neglect your whole grain carbs though.  Carbs get a complete bad wrap but we definitely need carbs, they provide an amazing source of fuel for our bodies.  Your carbs should not come from white flour, but foods like brown rice, whole grain oats, potatoes etc.

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