What Gym Should I Join?

What Gym Should I Join?

You may be wondering what to look for in a gym or if you should go to a gym, after all they are scary right?  Wrong.  Gyms can be your one place to escape and focus on you without the distractions of the world, the phone, or other things that pull our attention away from ourselves.

Gyms are often mistaken as places where people will grunt, mean mug you, and throw weights around.  While I’m not saying you will never see these things, they are not the norm.

So what should determine your gym choice? First and foremost, location.  If you are going to go on your way to or from work, then it needs to be conveniently located and on your route.  If you are going from the house then it needs to be close to your house.

How To Pick a Gym

Second things to consider is whether or not you like the atmosphere.  Like I said earlier, your gym should feel like a retreat for you, you need to feel comfortable and at home there (now this may not happen on your first visit).   So find one you like being in.

Third if you have kids, then kids care may be a must for you.  I have to small children so I need a gym that has a daycare. It’s a must for me, and most gyms offer that now.

So go out there and get a gym membership and start using it.  We will talk more in upcoming blogs about how to get in the habit of going to a gym.

If you’ve started your gym venture and need some more in depth guidance for what to do while you are there you can find more information here.

Photo Credit: Richard Niedings, https://www.flickr.com/photos/richardniedings/

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