The Key to Your Fitness Success

going from bones to buff
Photo Credit: Southlake Training

When you think of what it takes to be successful with your fitness goal, what come to mind?  Is it being able to lift a certain amount of weight? Is it being in the gym for two hours a day?  Is it living off of kale and protein?

While none of these things are bad (except  maybe the 2 hours in the gym which is unnecessary but that’s another topic).  Have you started your fitness journey before? Were you depressed with the mediocre results?  It can happen, and then you are left wondering why does it work for others but not for me, and maybe the whole fitness thing is just a big hype.

The first thing to remember when starting is that Rome was not build in a day.  I know that we are inundated with commercials about products that will allow us to look like The Rock in 30 days or less.  Or drop 25 pounds in 2 weeks.  But that stuff does not happen.

5093013221_52ba865437_z (1)
Photo Credit: Southlake Training

So what is the key to success?  Are you ready?  Consistency.  Now I know, that’s not a very sexy word, but consistency is what brings about actual change.  I know people who will give the exercise and diet thing a go for about two weeks and then stop.  But just like a romantic fling, if there is no commitment, it doesn’t last.

Consistency is what will bring change.  You may not see any change after eating right and exercising for a couple weeks, but keep at it.  Over months and ultimately years you will see drastic improvement.

People often tell me they don’t want to wait so long for their to be results, but in all honesty what is the alternative?  A year will pass regardless of what you do, and you can choose to be in the same place a year from now, or you can choose to be way farther ahead in year.

So if you follow only one rule with fitness, stay consistent.  You’ve got this.


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