Do You Need Supplements?

how to build muscle
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There are an insane amount of supplements for working out and everything else out on the market.  Some promise the world but do they really deliver, or are they worth all the hype that marketing has built them up to be? Well while this is only my personal opinion, I think they are hyped too much.

Now don’t get me wrong I do take supplements, I take whey, I take a pre-workout, fish oil and a multi-vitamin.  These are all things from personal experience, that I know help me. That doesn’t mean I can say across the board they are for everybody, and I do think that you can get fit, get lean, get bulked, or whatever your fitness goal is without supplements.

I think whey does play an important role  both in weight-loss and muscle growth, again I do think there are other ways but for instance I have to eat a lot of calories in a day to maintain my current muscles, if I don’t I begin to drop weight, as a result whey helps me hit my target calorie goal every day without having to constantly be eating or cooking chicken.  So it’s a big aid to me.

does protein build muscle?
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I think where a lot of the mis-information in regards to supplements comes in from is the belief that you cannot get fit without them.  But that is not true, you can.  Now I will say they can add to your existing program, and they are just for that, to be used as a “supplement” to your already healthy eating habits, not as a substitute, or quick fix.  You have to eat healthy, whole foods in order to lose weight or develop muscle and supplements that go along with it can be a great aid in that regard.  So don’t be afraid of using supplements but also don’t view them as the key either.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Need Supplements?

  1. Nice post! I quite agree with you. I made an experiment by eating only pasta/rice for 2 months hitting my protein intake with only that and saw amazing results. It’s all about hitting your calories and protein 😀

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  2. I take a LOT of supplements, kind of a junky… cod liver oil, vit. D, multi, turmeric, cinnamon…but I won’t take protein powders because they are pretty notorious for being contaminated with nasty heavy metals. Lately I’ve been mixing chlorella (which is actually a decent source of protein and great antioxidant) with juice or yogurt after workouts.

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