How To Go From Skinny To Buff

how to build muscle
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So how do you make great gains in the gym.  Well there is not an easy answer to all that.  The truth is it takes a lot of things to get in shape.  From your diet, to your routine, to your lifting.  But today we are solely going to focus on lifting.

How do you improve your lifting?  For starters slow down.  It can be tempting to breeze through your reps and get your sets done, powering through them to hit that magic number you are aiming for while your form goes to crap.

Every single rep matters.  So make sure that you are doing each one correctly and slowly.  When you do your repetitions go slow on the lifting part, and even slower when you are returning to your rest position.  This extra force will stretch your muscles big time.

how to build muscle
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Another thing that is often overlooked is form and maintaining the full range of motion when doing a repetition.  For instance when you are doing a barbell curl you need come all the way up and all the way down extended the arms out.  On bench press, that bar should be hitting your chest when it come down and then extend your arms when you go up (but don’t lock out your elbows).  If you have to lower the amount of weight you are lifting in order to do this, then do so.  Focus on your form, focus on your speed and you will find yourself becoming much stronger over time.

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