The Importance of Habit

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If I had to say there was one thing that is the key to your fitness success, it’s habit.  Habit in your eating, and habit in your exercise.  People often ask how to get motivated to lose weight, or how to get motivated to eat healthy.  But there is no such thing as motivation that doesn’t leave you feeling “un-motivated”, because motivation wears off.  It doesn’t last.

You can’t depend on it to keep you going long term, and that’s where habit kicks in.  Habit is hard to create, but once you have the habit, it will go far longer than motivation ever will.  Habit keeps you going on the days when you don’t feel like eating clean, or going to the gym.

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So how do you build habit?  For starters you have to set yourself up for success.  So if you are telling yourself you are going to work out x amount of days each week then do it.  Get your gym membership and go.  Lay out your clothes the night before, set multiple alarms and keep your phone on the other side of the room.

If you are going after work, take a bag with you and go straight from your work to the gym.

The same rules go for eating.  Set yourself up for success.  Don’t have junk food in the house.  Go shopping and get clean food, and as soon as you get home, start meal prepping.  Pack your breakfasts, your lunches and plan out healthy dinners that are ready to go each night.  You have to plan appropriately in order to build your habit.  So get out there and lay down some solid ground work that will get you on your way to healthy habits.

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