Don’t Have Time to Workout?

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Have you or someone you know ever said “I don’t have time to workout“?  I have heard this a lot, and it’s one of the oldest excuses in the book.  Every person on this planet has an equal share of one thing, and that’s time.  We all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, and before you say that your situation is unique I promise there is someone out there way busier doing far more.  I say this because I know there are people out there way more busier than me doing way more.

It’s not about not having enough time to eat healthy, or not having enough time to workout.  It’s about where we place our priorities.

How many hours a week do you spend in front of Netflix?  Or on Instagram?   How many hours a week do you spend playing video games or talking about events in hollywood that have zero relevance on your life?

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My point is you have the time.  It’s a matter of using your time wisely and effectively rather than wasting your time on things that will get you no where in life.  Come up with  a schedule, wake up earlier in the morning.  Sure this is going to take some work, but you can make change regardless of how busy you are or how much work you have to do.  So get out there and kick some ass and stop using time as your excuse.  You’ve got this.

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