Why Your Muscles Are Not Growing

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So you’ve been working out, you’ve been lifting, you’ve been regular with it, but you are seeing limited muscle growth.  It can be frustrating right?  Of course.  I know because I’ve been there.  I worked out for like two years (yeah I was ill informed but stubborn), and saw little improvement.

There are 2 main reasons why your workouts are proving ineffective for you.  The number one reason is what you are putting in your body when you are not at the gym.  The food you eat day in and day out go much farther to grow your muscles and change your body than lifting weights ever will. Diet is everything. If you are trying to lose weight and gain muscle awesome, but you need to eat less than what your body requires in order to lose weight.  If you are trying to build muscle and are lifting weights, but failing to eat enough for your body to gain weight, then the weight training is going to have very limited effects.

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So what do you do to solve this problem? Eat for success.  First establish your baseline.  Get an app that will factor how many calories you should be eating to gain or lose weight.  There are tons of free ones out there that let you do this.  Then once you know how much you should be eating, build your consistency.  It won’t help to hit your caloric goal one day a week, you need to hit it every day.  And you need to eat healthy while hitting that goal.  If you want results yes you have to work you have to give up things you like to eat, and eat some things you are not crazy about.  This sounds worse than it is, because once you get in a habit, this gets so much easier.

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The second key is slow down and work on your form.  Stop just trying to hit 3 sets of 12 reps, and blasting through them to get it done.  Slow down and take your time.  If you increase your weight a little and only hit 7 controlled and slow reps you are doing yourself way more of a favor.  I hate seeing someone sacrificing form and speed in the gym to get some weight up.  It’s not worth it, you are just stealing from your time in the gym.  So slow down and keep in mind that every single rep matters.  Not just getting through a set.  But focus on making every rep count.

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One thought on “Why Your Muscles Are Not Growing

  1. Like your mention of form and the suggestion that every rep counts. Coming from a different perspective but an intelligent approach to bio-mechanically sound movement involves attention to alignment/form and functional patterns of movement that re-enforces this.

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