What Motivates You?

gym motivation

Let’s be honest we all get weak, we all have times when we get down, when we are sick of eating that same chicken with brown rice, or that same protein smoothie in the morning.  If you’ve been on a fitness journey at all then you know this happens.  There’s no way to avoid it.  Life gets crazy, events unfold, and you find it hard to get to the gym.  Rest assured you are not alone.  While I love the gym and it feels like a second home, there are still days I do not feel like working out.

So how do you stay motivated to keep working out?  How do you keep going when you feel like throwing in the towel?  There are several ways to keep going when the going gets tough.

1.  Build the habit.  I preach this a lot, but habit will get you through a lot of meals you don’t feel like eating.  When you get so in the habit of something it becomes second nature.  Just think about when you starting learning your way around your city.  At first you may have been busting out the GPS every time you went out, until you got so much in the habit of where everything is that you didn’t have to think about it anymore.

muscle building

2.  Think about your why.  What got you working out in the first place?  Maybe you want to change the way you look.  Maybe you are tired of being out of breath.  Maybe you want to set an example for your kids.  Whatever the reason may be, hold onto that.  Don’t let it go, write it down, tape it to your dash, set it as your phone background.  Don’t lose site of that.

3.  Don’t go alone.  Being in a community of helps so much.  It motivates us, gives us ideas, and challenges us to be a better version of ourselves.

So if you don’t feel like it that’s okay, build the habit anyway, find your why, and get involved with others.

You’ve got this.

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I run Bones to Bulk, a complete program that focuses on the nutritional, fitness, and mental game of gaining lean muscle naturally.

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