Macros and Muscle Building

muscle buildingSo maybe you’ve heard of macros and why you have to get your macros right in order to get in shape, build muscle etc.  And maybe you are scratching your head trying to figure out what the heck this macro stuff is why it seems so dang complicated.  Well I’m here to tell you not to stress, because it’s not as crazy and complicated as it sounds.

Macros in essence are basically your food broken down into three groups: protein, carbohydrates, and fat.  That’s it.  Everything we put in our mouth is one of these three things.  For instance, if I eat some tuna, that’s protein.  If I eat some whole wheat pasta, that’s carbohydrates, and if I eat some healthy fat, that’s some olive oil drizzled on my salad or some avocado.

Now before you start searching for some crazy calculators to figure this out exactly, it’s not that hard.  In fact there are some free apps out there that will figure it out for you if you just put in what you’ve eaten in a day.

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Here’s the basics for what you should be aiming for.  You want to keep your fats 20% or less.  Then for your protein and carbs mixture, aim for about half and half, 40% each.  Now there is a lot of debate over this, and some will tell you that you should not eat carbs. Well there are a lot of carbs you shouldn’t eat, anything with white flour in it or most sugary foods.  For instance, white bread, pasta, flour, sweet cereals etc.  Just make sure you are getting your carbs from good sources like whole grains.  And then for proteins keep it lean, chicken, turkey, fish, tree nuts, etc.

I hit about 45% carbs each day, 35% protein and 20% fat.  If you are wanting energy for the gym and working your butt off, you need the energy from carbs.  Don’t be scared of them.

So don’t get all bent out of shape over macros.  They aren’t as complicated as they sound. You’ve got this.

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One thought on “Macros and Muscle Building

  1. Had to look, after you liked my blog, but I stopped at 20% fat. You do realize that fat is the main builder of testosterone? You need to read “The Testosterone Advantage” & “Primal Blueprint”. This will bring you into awareness. 40% FAT (MINIMUM) — 80-90% if you are serious about gaining muscle. Good luck dude — don’t go the route of mainstream fitness, that shit is ALL LIES!!


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