How to Set Fitness Goals

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So it’s that time of year where people will start setting fitness goals.  But before you say “I want to lose weight“, or “I want to get buff“, let’s explore what you need to make and hit some successful goals.  First off, don’t just make a general or vague goal.  If you want to lose weight, then make it measurable.  For example, I want to lose 24 pounds in this next year.  Awesome that is measurable.  So that means every month you need to lose two pounds, and you can weigh in each month and be sure that you are hitting that goal.  If you don’t meet that one month, you know you need to adjust and make some further changes.  Also this sets up smaller goals.  Each month you need to lose two pounds.  So those are your short monthly goals, and your large goal is the 24 pounds.

Second you need to plan.  That goal isn’t going to achieve itself.  If you are looking to add muscle, then you need to plan our your workouts.  At least four a week.  Find a gym you like, and get in there.  Also be eating to put on muscle.  Clean eating that hits a surplus of calories.  If you are looking to bulk, you have to eat more calories than you are burning.  So know what you need and know how you are going to get there.  For instance, “I’m going to make sure I get in the gym four times a week, and eat a surplus every day.


Third, develop a habit.  Sure you may have plenty motivation come the turn of the new year, but that motivation is not going to last.  So you need to get so in the habit of your workouts and healthy eating that you don’t even think about whether you want to anymore.  The key to this is make sure for the first two months, you don’t cheat and you don’t miss gym days.  This will develop the healthy habits in you.

Fourth.  Stay consistent.  Consistency is key.  If you are eating healthy, the prep your food at the same time every week, plan your meals out the same time, go grocery shopping the same day, this consistency will build habit.  And habit is key.  Also stay consistent with when you workout.  Find what time works best for you and stick to that every day.  If it’s before work, lay out your clothes, and have everything ready to go in the morning.  If it’s the afternoon, take your gym back with you to work, so you don’t give yourself the opportunity to come and get lazy.

You’ve got this.  Make measurable goals, plan your action, develop your habit and stay consistent.

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