Fear and Fitness

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Let’s face it, life throws us some curve balls sometimes.  When it does we are often taken aback and don’t know how to pick ourselves up and continue on.  Fear is a real thing, it can grab us and shrink us down into our insecurities.  It can cripple us, it can keep us captive if we let it.  But let’s be real, fear is only as powerful as we allow it to be.

We have two options when it comes to fear keeping us from chasing after our goals, our  dreams, and our aspirations.  This carries over not just in fitness, but with our career, college, family, you name it. Those two options are:

  1.  We give in to the fear. We allow it to sit down and set up shop in our lives, keeping us in a semi miserable state where we dream of the weekend, and the “someday” that may or may not ever come.  It is a safe choice though we fail to truly live in this scenario.
  2.  We open the door, walk out, wave at fear, and keep going.  We don’t allow it a chance to cripple us but keep marching, keep pushing, keep going.  We do the thing that scares us, whether it’s quitting our job and going after that dream we’ve always had, or whether it’s feeling uncomfortable as we walk in that gym for the first time.

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Our fear doesn’t have to control us.  Don’t give it any power.  Suck it up, pull your coat tighter around you and walk out strong and deliberate.  There is no one who can do it for you, and no one will judge you for trying to better yourself.  And if they do, smile and walk by them as well.  You’ve got this.

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