Uphill Battle



Photo Credit: Gary Crawford, https://www.flickr.com/photos/absintheboy/

So here we are four days into the new year and I don’t know about you, but it’s already kicking my butt.  Not so much in fitness, but in general life which then translates to my mental state which then can affect me in the gym.  Now regardless I’ve still gotten in the gym every day but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve “killed” it each day while I’m there.

And while I’d prefer some things to be different, I have to accept that life doesn’t always go as planned and we have to readjust, re-evaluate and then keep going forward.  That’s really all we can do.  Where we get stuck is if we just stop.  If we sit down and stop moving, get overwhelmed by the mountain ahead of us, and lose focus of the few steps in front of us.


So no matter what comes at you whether in the form of work challenges, relationship challenges, or fitness challenges, don’t give in to the desire to quit.  Don’t give in to that desire to take the easy way out, or the road most traveled.  Instead go where the way is uncertain but leads to a better life, a better you.  2018 may have started great for you or started rough, but anything that has happened is behind you.   So get out there and kick some ass now.  You’ve got this.

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