How Are Those Goals Going?

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So here we are more than two weeks into the new year.  How are those goals going?  By now you may be struggling to maintain that motivation, you may feel like that first week you were crushing it, second week slowed down a little and then you feel like you are losing steam now.  First things first.  Take a deep breath.  Whether you are on your journey to building muscle, toning, or losing weight.  This is a process.  You’ve got to rethink fitness.  This isn’t something you do for a little while, hit your goal and then stop. This takes time.  It’s habits that we built and add to over time over months and years.

I am always surprised when people say that getting in shape takes too long.  My question to you is, what is the alternative?  Time is passing by regardless.  This year will go by and the next and the next, and whether you workout or not 2019 will come, and then 2020 after it.  The question is whether you want to be the same in 2019 making the same goals in 2020 and so forth.

So let’s break this down.  Let’s say your goal is to lose 40 pounds, and by the end of 2018 you lose ten.  Okay sure you can beat yourself up and think that you failed, or you can view it that you lost 10 pounds, learned a lot, and can then go even harder in 2019.  See this isn’t something done over night, and that’s okay.

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If it helps, think of it like having a kid.  You don’t have a child and then think oh in a year, it’s going to know every thing, be able to get a job a degree and go off in the world.  It takes time.  Same deal with fitness.

So if you are struggling right now with your goals because you aren’t seeing the results.  Relax.  You are two weeks in.   You’ve got a whole year to continually improve.  So do what you know you need to do each and every day and little by little change will come.  Don’t give up.

It’s helpful sometimes to get connected with people who can keep you accountable and keep you encouraged.  If you are on facebook, we have a great community of people to help you in achieve whatever your goals are.

You can also always find more motivation, tips, and videos at Bones to Bulk.

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