How To Train Smarter

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So if you want to be more effective in your workouts, one huge step to that is stand up more.  There are a lot of workouts in the gym that we tend to sit down for, push back into that inclined bench and lift.  While there’s nothing wrong with this, you can be doing a more effective job at your workouts.  The key is standing up.  When you do an exercise from a standing position, you are having to engage more of your core, and thus are building it up as well.

Some major exercise to begin applying this to are bicep curls, both with the barbell and dumbbell, stand up.  Another big one is shoulder presses, especially when using dumbbell’s for this exercise.

The bent over row is another popular exercise and it’s often done with one knee on the bench, like so:

Photo Credit: Everkinetic,

But it’s more effective by using the following method:

Photo Credit: Everkinetic,

You will find as you begin to make this switch and stand up more, that you can’t lift as much, but that’s okay we are going for an overall harder workout, so it’s okay if you don’t get as much up as if you were sitting down.

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