Ways to Add Muscle

skinny to buff

So you are working out and your muscles just seem to not be growing.  You want to go from being skinny to buff and are seeing small results.  Well today we are going to talk about stretching them beyond your capacity.  Now food plays a huge role in being able to develop muscle and if you aren’t eating for muscle growth then no amount of lifting will do much, but that’s another post, today we are focusing on muscle building techniques.

First off, you want to keep your muscles guessing.  If you are not already changing up your rep and weight range from week to week then start immediately.  If you do the same 3 set of 12 reps every single week your muscles wills stagnate.

Change up your reps.  Every week change up your rep range and the amount of weights.  Break it up into a macrocycle of 4 weeks, and each week lower or raise your reps, and if you are lowering your reps increase your weight, or if you are increasing your reps lower your weight.

bones to bulk

This keeps your muscles guessing.

Second add in two extra exercises at the end of every day.  Regardless of what muscle group you are working, if there is a particular target area you want to hit, add two exercise of that at the end of every workout and after several months you will notice a difference in that muscle group.  It’s kind of like the compound effect.  Small changes when accumulated over time make huge differences down the road.

So get out there and stretch those muscles!

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