How To Grow Your Muscles and Lifts

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So maybe your muscle growth has stagnated.  Maybe you can’t seem to get your weight up any higher and have been stuck for awhile.  You are at a plateau.  And honestly it’s no wonder if you are doing the typical 3 sets of 12 that seems to be pretty standard.  Your muscles get bored.  Okay not really, but they do get conditioned to certain weights and movements so they can stop growing.  But there is no need to fear, there is a quite simple way to increase the amount of weight you can lift and get your personal bests up.

The key is macrocycles.  If you are new to this concept let me explain. A macrocycle is basically broken up into a 4 week period with each week being a microcycle.  Don’t get caught up on the terminology, that part doesn’t matter.  Just know we are going to be changing up how we lift each week.  So here we go.

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Week one. You are going to focus on doing three sets of 12-15 reps.  If you are hitting 15 reps with no problem, then increase the amount of weight you are using.  If you can’t hit 12 then decrease it.  At first you will have to play around to figure out your starting weight on each exercise.

Week two.  You will drop down to three sets of 9-12 reps. Try to add a little bit of weight to each exercise, if you can’t that’s okay.

Week three.  You are now doing three sets of 6-8 reps.  By now you should definitely be lifting more on each exercise.

Week four.  Yup down again. This week three sets of 3-5 reps.  You should be lifting a significant amount more than in week one.

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Now at the end of four weeks you are going to repeat the process and go back to week one.  Continue to do this and you will find yourself growing much stronger than you were when you were doing that same rep range week after week.  You will find after completing four weeks and starting over you are much stronger on the 12-15 reps (and you will go through being sore again).

So get those muscles growing!

Find more at Bones to Bulk, and if you are looking for a community to constantly be learning and get encouraged check out my Facebook group.

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