Small Changes for Muscle Growth

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When it comes to big changes it requires small changes over time that will develop and grow the muscles you are looking for.  The key point here is that things take time, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was a chiseled body with great muscles.  There is a term for this and it’s called the compound effect, it’s when something is done every day over a long period of time and has a huge effect at the end.

So if you are in the gym lifting, and you are eating the correct calorie amounts and the clean food that you should be (if you are not then you need to be reading this previous blog ). So how do you make a dent and difference.

Well for one you get on the macrocycle and microcycle workout plan, if you don’t know what this is, head over to this blog right now.

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Second, you need to make minor adjustments to how you perform your workouts. For instance how many times have you been doing an exercise, you are tired, and you power through those last reps to get your set over with. I am guilty of this myself sometimes, but it is so important to get it ingrained in your head that every single rep matters. Every…..Rep…..Matters. Focus on your speed and truly work your muscles more.  You should be performing your reps slow every single rep, not just the first few.  When you are returning to the start position of any exercise, try to count to three as you slowly return.  This will work your muscles much harder, stretching them more, which will result in bigger gains.

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Third, make sure your form is on point. If you are unsure of how to properly execute form on an exercise, then stop doing it, grab your phone and Youtube that crap.  Improper form doesn’t just lead to injury, it stops you from getting the gains you are looking for. When you fail to use proper form you tend to use more of your body in the workout, which keeps you from isolating the muscle you are trying to workout.

Implement these small tips and you will be way ahead when it comes to making gains. But most importantly don’t just implement these tips once, but continually day after day and you will see the change.

Find more great info at Bones to Bulk, and if you are looking for more great info along with videos, recipes and overall encouragement, check out my Facebook Community.



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