Why Parents Can’t Afford to Not Workout

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So if you have kids I understand that planning for things and getting on a schedule is tough.  But if habits and schedules are important to keep up your fitness goals without kids, it’s even more important with them.  Now I’m not just spouting stuff off here.  I have two girls under the age of 6, my wife and I both have side businesses we run in addition to our full time jobs, so I understand that making time with kids can be tough.  But it should not be an excuse not to.

I hear a lot of excuses such as I don’t have time to workout since I have kids or I should spend that time with my kids instead and the list goes on.  But if you are a parent and you don’t workout you need to.

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First off, your child needs an example of what it means to be healthy, and if you are not representing this then chances are they are not going to see it.  Our kids learn by our example, so set a good one.

Second kids are exhausting, they have more energy than seems humanly possible and I want to be able to not only keep up with them but outdo them.  Not just that but I want to be there for them for the long haul.  That requires me keeping myself healthy.  I want to see my grand kids and great grand kids, and that’s not going to happen if I don’t strive to be fit and healthy.

So how do you balance it all?  It’s not as hard as it may seem.  Almost every gym and YMCA now offers kids care with a membership, so if you can’t find someone to watch your kids, no worries, take them with you.  My kids enjoy going to the gym.  My oldest asks if we can go to gym when I pick her up from school.  Now I know, it’s not always feasible to go after work or school so there are still ways to do it.  Our schedules are different now, but for awhile my wife and I would take turns going at about 4am in the morning.  She would head and go, and be back home by 5:15ish, then I would head to the gym and be back and showered before work.  There are always ways to get around your schedule.

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Schedule is everything, so is learning to eat healthy.  Both my kids love water.  They have never tasted soda, and juice is a rarity.  My oldest will ask for water even when she can have some high-fructose sugar drink at a party, why?  Habit.  If you build those habits they will stick.  But you have to model them.

So if you have kids and are on the fence about working out, do it not only for yourself, but for your kids.  They deserve it and so do you.

If you are ready to start your journey but are not exactly sure where to start we can help. Get fit, get healthy, and build lifelong habits from home with our training programs at Bones to Bulk.

Also it’s important to have a community to help you, encourage you, and be there for one another, we provide this in our Facebook group.


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