Maximize Your Muscle Gains

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So if you are trying to get the maximum muscle gain at the gym and get them to keep growing outside the gym, here are a few tips you definitely should be following.

First off, don’t sell yourself short on your workout.  Get the full workout by slowing down.  It’s not about how many exercises you do and rushing through them, it’s better if you do four solid exercises that you take your time with, and really push yourself on.  The goal is not to check off boxes while at the gym, the goal is to get sore and out of breath when you workout.  If you never get out of breath you are not working hard enough.  It’s called workout for a reason.

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Second, get off the machines. Machines are good, don’t get me wrong, especially when starting off, but if you have been at this a little while it’s time to graduate to weights.  Use free weights, and get off your butt.  This is for two reasons, the more exercises you can do standing up the harder your body is going to work.  For example, instead of doing a shoulder press machine, use dumbbells, and in addition to sitting down with dumbbells stand up.  When you stand up and do exercises, you are activating your core which is going to work you out harder.  So again, get off your butt and stand up.

bones to bulk

Third, if you are wanting to pack on the muscle, it all comes back to what you are feeding those muscles.  You want to be healthy on the inside and out, and build muscle not fat, so start cutting out the crap and stick to your lean meats, whole grain carbs, fresh veggies and fruit, and lots of water.  Your body will thank you for this.  Plug in your info on a calorie calculator and find out how much you should be eating a day to gain muscle and get these calories from clean sources. Your muscles will only grow as much as you feed them.

Lastly get plugged into a community, the Bones to Bulk Facebook Community is a great place to get started regardless of where you are at on your journey.  And if you are looking for a custom training plan and personal online training, check out the Bones to Bulk Programs.

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I run Bones to Bulk, a complete program that focuses on the nutritional, fitness, and mental game of gaining lean muscle naturally.

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