Snacking Builds Muscle

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So if you are trying to gain muscle and are not eating snacks in between meals, chances are you are not eating enough to really achieve those muscle gains and go from skinny to bulk.  If you are struggling to gain muscle and are working out but just aren’t seeing the added mass, chances are you need to be eating more.  If you haven’t already figured out how many calories you should be eating each day in order to gain then you need to head here right now.

The reasons snacking is so important for muscle growth is two fold.  First off, snacking is something we all tend to do, and typically we snack on junk food, chips, candy, empty carbs sugars.  But if we eliminate all our snacking then two things happen we are consuming less calories and giving our bodies less to grow muscle with.

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So rather than completely cutting our our snacks, we need to be eating healthy high protein snacks in between our meals to give our body the calories and nutrition it needs for gains, and muscle mass.

So exactly what should you be eating?  Here are some ideas.  Tree nuts are always a great option, pecans, almonds, and cashews are best.  Seeds like sunflower seeds, and especially pumpkin seeds (which are packed with protein).

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and low fat milk, are all great dairy options for snacks.  You can sprinkle some fruit and granola on your Greek yogurt as well.

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Healthy granola bars, whole wheat toast with peanut butter on it, or hard boiled eggs are also great snacks.

You should be having healthy snacks between each meal and after your last meal.  So get to snacking and get those muscle gains!

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