Can Motivation Build Muscles?

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When it comes to motivation we need it to get in shape right?  After all it’s what drives us and gets our butts to the gym when we don’t want to go.  Or does it?

Motivation is kind of like gas in our car.  It can only go so far before it needs a fill up.   We definitely need motivation in our lives, whether this comes from people we look up to, encouraging podcasts, books we read, or friends that push us, we do need this, but it’s not motivation alone that will get us to our goals.  In fact, if we rely solely on motivation we will fail.  So what do we need then?


Habit and consistency will keep you going strong when you feel like napping on the couch instead.  The two go hand in hand, you can’t have consistency unless you build habit, and you can’t keep a habit without consistency.  So what does this look like on a day to day basis?

Starting out for the first 30 – 45 days don’t allow yourself any slack.  This is the period when you are really honing in on building a habit, so don’t skip your workouts and be extremely careful with cheat meals.  Get to the gym at least five times a week.  Life happens, and I get this, so if you miss a day make it up on one of your normal off days, don’t tell yourself you will make it up next week because next week will have it’s own issues.

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Second here is where consistency comes in.  You know your schedule and you know when you can get to the gym, so make sure you are getting in there at the same time everyday.  We are naturally creatures of habit, so if you go at five pm every day, stick to that, your body and brain will begin to expect that and you will feel off if you miss it, this is the key to developing habit.

The last key is act.  Don’t think.  If you come home first don’t allow yourself to sit down and get comfortable, as soon as you walk in that door, change and get to the gym, because once you are there you are going to workout.  Pausing and letting yourself think about your workout is dangerous so don’t think about it.  Do it.

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