Isolating Muscle Groups

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If there is one thing that is definitely holding you back from making the most of your muscle gains it is not isolation your muscle groups properly.  If you are not already breaking up your workouts according to muscle groups, you should be.  It’s not good to work the same muscle group every day.  For instance, I work out chest and triceps one day, back and biceps another, shoulders, one day, and legs one day, then I will do a circuit day as well.

But even breaking up your muscle groups does not promise maximum muscle gains.  So how do we really focus on isolating our muscle groups?  By making sure we are doing every single rep the proper way.  Nothing is worse than that typical rocking motion that I often see people doing in the gym.

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I’m sure you’ve seen in too, maybe a standing bicep curl and the person’s whole back is rocking back and forth.  Or rows, where someone is using their whole body to pull the bar back.  Or Lat pull-downs, where again, the person using the machine is rocking back and forth as they bring the bar down and up.

This is not only negatively impacting your muscle gains, but it opens yourself up for possible injury.  If you can’t do the exercise and only use the muscle group intended than lower the damn weight you are lifting.  For instance.  If you are trying to get a barbell up for a curl and you are curving your back, leaning forward, or doing any kind of rocking motion, then lower the amount of weight.  You are doing a bicep curl, not a full body curl.  Don’t be afraid to lower your weight and do the exercise properly.  Sometimes the most jacked people I see in the gym are lifting very light weights, because they know this secret.

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So focus on isolating the muscles you are working.  It will get you those muscle gains you are seeking much faster and much more effectively.

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