Macro-nutrients and Muscle Gain


So when it comes to macro-nutrients, there is a lot of confusion around this subject as well as a lot of debate on what the right ratio is in order to maximize muscle gain.  For starters macro-nutrients is the breakdown of how you get your calories.  The three sources are carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

There is argument from all different camps on this.  Keto cuts out carbs and is a high fat and high protein diet, and every diet fad out there says something different, so what are you supposed to do and why does it all seem so dang confusing?

get bulked

Well it honestly gets made out to be much harder than it is.  And honestly it’s more important that you hit your caloric goals than anything else.  If you don’t know how many calories you should be eating to either gain or lose weight, then go to the calorie counter online and check it out.  If you are hitting this goal and eating your calories from good clean foods it doesn’t matter what percentage you are getting into for your macros.

When I say eat clean, I mean lean meats (no red meats), whole grain/whole wheat carbohydrates, fresh fruit and veggies, lots of water.  Making smart choices with our food is going to go much further than trying to nitpick where every calorie comes from.

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So don’t sweat it if you feel like the macro-nutrients are too complicated.  If you are curious, I personally eat about 50% carbs a day, 30% protein, and 20% fat, (if it varies on some days I don’t sweat it).  If you are eating clean and hitting your caloric intake goal for the day then you are golden.  So three simple steps:

  1.  Workout Hard
  2. Eat Clean
  3. Eat the Right Amount

If you are looking for more check out Bones to Bulk.  Also I always tell people don’t try to go at this alone, learn from others, get encouraged and be encouraged, if you are on Facebook, join the Bones to Bulk group.

Also if you are looking to dig deeper into the Bones to Bulk program you can check out our book on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Macro-nutrients and Muscle Gain

  1. Good Post. With all the conflicting information people can waste major time on minor things. One statement you made isn’t completely accurate – some Ketogenics proponents advocate low protein 15-20% of daily caloric consumption because protein can be converted to glycogen.


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