Pushing Through Muscle Plateaus

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There comes an inevitable point if you’ve been working out for any length of time that you hit a plateau.  Whether this is in your muscle gain phase or weight loss phase, it’s bound to happen.  The first thing to remember is “don’t get frustrated”.  Just the fact that you are hitting a plateau means that you have made incredible progress because otherwise your body wouldn’t be accustomed to what you are now doing.  So take hope in that fact.

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Second, don’t think that because you are hitting your plateau that you just have to accept the place in which you are at.  You don’t.  You are capable of more, a hell of a lot more, it just may not feel that way right now but you have to train your brain to believe that.  Here is where mental strength is going to come into play, read a challenging book, or listen to an inspiring audio book. Do something that will get your thought process moving in a positive direction.  This is crucial to moving forward.  So dig in and train mentally.

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The last important element to getting over you plateau is working your ass off.  Here’s what really is going on with your plateau.  You’ve hit a point where your muscles under the current strain you are working them, have strained and grown as much as they are going to with the amount of resistance you are putting them under.  So guess what?  Change the resistance.  Throw in new workouts, work out for ten minutes longer each day, add more reps, add more weight.  The list is endless of ways in which you can change up your workout.  So get after it, change your workouts, and change your muscle growth.  You’ve got this!

Check out more at Bones to Bulk.  Community is so vital to your success.  I work out alone most of the time, but I still connect with people online and follow people that I look up to so that I can be inspired, learn, grow, and help share what I know.  Get plugged in.  Our Facebook community is a great place for that.

If you are looking to dive deeper into the Bones to Bulk plan check out our guide on Amazon.

bones to bulk

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