Form is Everything for Muscle Building

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Just yesterday I’m walking through the gym, and saw it taking place.  It’s something that bothers me, to my core.  Not because it’s some small pet peeve, but because I know when it’s happening people are robbing themselves of their own workout.

There was someone doing lat pull downs, a favorite exercise of mine, but as the bar went up so did their body, as they rocked back and forth throughout the movement.  I get it.  We all want to look like beasts in the gym.  But adding on extra weight just so you can look more like a bad ass in the gym is not worth robbing your muscles of a good workout.

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When we get into that rocking motion during an exercise we are starting to use the force of our body, our whole body.  Also the force of the movement and the momentum we have built up aids us in pushing or pulling depending on the exercise you are doing.  Let’s break down a bicep curl, another exercise where I see tons of body movement.  Swinging your whole body to get up ten extra pounds on the barbell curl is not effective.

I smile when I see people with massive muscles in the gym who are doing tiny little weights but are doing their reps correctly.  It’s because they have it figured out.

When we slow down and drop the amount of weight we are using it does two things.  First, it eliminates the risk of injury because when we step outside of proper form, our risk of injury is elevated.

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Second, it actually isolates the muscle we are supposed to be working.  We isolate the muscle by only moving it, and not our body with it. So if your arms are the only thing moving when you perform a bicep curl you are doing it correctly.  Is it harder?  Absolutely.  Will you be able to curl as much?  Probably not.  But your muscle is working so much harder, which will in effect build muscle that much faster.  So stop swaying, and focus on your form.  Second to nutrition, it’s one of the most important elements for building muscle.

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