Finding Time for the Gym

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“I’m too busy for the gym“.  It’s a term we all hear, and we all say, because let’s face it, we live in a crazy time and day.  I don’t know why but life goes by at a blur, we are connected to everybody and there are time stealers at every turn.  According to new surveys the average American spends over five hours a day watching TV, and over an hour and half on social media.  Now I’m not saying that is across the board.  But even if you cut that in half that is still over 3 hours a day in the form of some entertainment.

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But let’s be real, we can probably all say that we already know we spend too much time in some form of entertainment, so then how do we “find time” to get to the gym or workout.  It’s not about finding time.  It’s about placing enough value on our fitness to make going to the gym a priority.

Getting in this frame of mind takes time and determination.  You have to determine that you want to get fit, determine that come hell or high water you are going to get to the gym, because believe me, as soon as you decide you are going to get into shape, you will get invited twice in one week to go out to eat, you will have to work late, your kids will get sick.  There will be something that tries to keep you from getting to the gym or eating better.

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So go in expecting this, don’t go in expecting it to be easy.  It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.  Do you want to feel better?  Have more energyBe strongerCommit to it.  Focus on it, and be determined, it won’t come any other way.

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bones to bulk

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I run Bones to Bulk, a complete program that focuses on the nutritional, fitness, and mental game of gaining lean muscle naturally.

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