Should I Lift Heavy to Tone?

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I get told many times by clients that they don’t want to lift heavy because they don’t want to get big muscles or bulk up.  I do understand the confusion here, so let me explain how all that works.

First off, lifting heavy, even very heavy will not make you get bulked or have huge muscles.  I honestly wish it was this simple, my life would be much easier.  But alas, it takes far more than just lifting heavy to get bulked.

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In order to actually get “bulked” or gain muscle mass you have to eat for this, it’s not just a matter of lifting weights.  I know this all too well because when I first started out about ten years ago I only lifted and didn’t adjust my diet at all. As a result I didn’t grow any muscle, I did get some more definition but no size.

Also another question I run into from clients is should I lift if I am trying to lose weight.  The answer to that is absolutely!  The more muscle you build the more calories you burn in day which will aid in your weight loss.  Again the process of losing weight is going to boil down more to your nutritional intake, but weight lifting can aid that process.

Another big misconception that seems to have gained a lot of traction is if you want to tone you lift light weights and perform a lot of repetitions, and if you are looking to bulk do heavy weight with low reps.  This is completely unfounded and not true.

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So if you just want to get some definition in your arms or lose weight, lift heavy, I promise it is going to take you far.

As always we highly recommend you get involved in a community.  Those that stick together, finish together! We have a great Facebook group full of members in all stages of the fitness journey and with different goals.  You can also always find more at Bones to Bulk.

Also if you are looking for a more thorough look at gaining strength and getting on track with your nutritional intake, check out my book on Amazon.

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