You Don’t Have Time to Not Workout

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“I’m busy”.   It’s something I’ve heard over and over, and have even said sometimes.  Let’s face it we live in crazy fast world.  There seems to never be enough time in the day right?  What with work, our family, school, deadlines, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.  Often it’s all we can do not fall asleep before we are able to unwind in front of Netflix for an hour right?

I get it, trust me I do.  But let me just say you can’t afford NOT to workout.  Here’s why.  I know it takes times out of your day to workout, it’s a sacrifice.  It takes work and grit and sweat to get in there day after day to bust your butt.  But in the long run, it’s far more of a sacrifice not to.

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Working out does far more for you than just getting you in better shape physically.  Working out clears your mind, makes you mentally tough as you fight through pain to workout.  This mental toughness brings clarity which allows you to be more productive.  While there are many factors to it, physical fitness is a common theme among many successful people. Why?  Because it helps you mentally.

If you are tried all the time and drained, workout.  Rather than thinking this will drain you even more, it has the reverse effect on your body and mind.  It recharges you, it gets you energized, and it gets you better mentally focused to face your day.

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Now you might be saying “I truly don’t have time”.  But there are ways to make time.  If kids are the holdup, find a gym that has childcare, this is almost standard in most gyms now.  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to go after work, then start going to bed an hour earlier, getting up an hour earlier and get to the gym.

My schedule changes a lot, but right now, it works for me to go early in the morning.  I am at the gym at 4 am.  Every morning I dread the alarm clock going off.  I don’t wake up and think “yes! It’s 3:30 am!”  No I just want to ignore my alarm.  But I get up and go, and I am always glad when I am done, and am not even thinking about being tired anymore.

Don’t use excuses, find ways to beat the excuses and get in there and crush your workouts.

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