What Gym Should You Pick?

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When it comes to picking a gym there are a ton of options out there. You’ve got the big box gyms, the cross-fit gyms, the locally owned gyms, and even the non-traditional ‘what in the world is going on here’ gyms.

While every gym has their own style, feel, and strengths, they all in essence offer the same things, so which should you pick? Well this depends on several factors.

For instance let’s say you find two gyms with the same equipment you need which one to pick? First and foremost the one that is most convenient to where you live. If you are going to the gym in the morning from home, then find a gym close to your house, if you are going on your way home from work, join one that is on your route home. You don’t need to create any extra barriers between you and going to the gym.

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Second you should like the feel and look of it. You are going to be here a lot, so you need to like the overall feel of the gym.

Another big component is child care if you have kids. While I normally go at 4 a.m. before my kids are up, there are some days when I have to go later in the day and on these days I need to be able to take the kiddos with me. Also on the weekends it’s helpful as well. Most gyms today offer this service, so no more using your kids as an excuse why you can’t make it.

The last thing I will say about the gym, is be nice. Say hello to people, help others out. You will meet some people who are mean and self absorbed yes, but you meet some of those everywhere, just smile and move on. You are there for you.

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