When Your Workout Gets Boring

“fawn pug lying on floor” by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

When we get in the gym or get out and go for that bike ride, run, swim or whatever our workout routine is, how do you feel? If you are like me there are probably days when you feel pumped and excited and other days when you’d rather just go back inside and get some extra sleep.

If you are new to fitness get started with our free starters guide course, but if you’ve been at this awhile it can be normal to not feel excited. If you’ve been at this fitness thing awhile it can be second nature to work out, but we may start to lack the aggressiveness that we may have had in the past for our intensity.

So what can we do to get back that “fight” that made us desperate to get in the gym and get working out to begin with? Sit down and take 20 minutes this week to read, watch, or listen to someone you look up to physically, maybe it’s a celebrity fitness person, maybe it’s an athlete, maybe someone who is an athletic coach and inspires others, whoever it is go immerse yourself in their world for 20 minutes.

“A man jumping high in the air over rocks on a hilltop” by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash

Once you are done, write it down on paper. Then write it down again and tape it up two places in your house that you will see it. From time to time it’s important to reignite these “fitness fires”, habit keeps us going to the gym and eating right, but sometimes we need some extra kick in the pants to get us busting butt once we are there.

Put together a new workout playlist, one that gets you pumped, go to a healthy grocery store and just walk around maybe buy one or two new things that look good. Do all this to get yourself out of that box to reawaken why you fell in love with fitness in the first place. Check out this week’s video talking more about this at Bones to Bulk.

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