Is Age Just A Number in Fitness?

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I’m too old to start working out. My metabolism isn’t what it used to be. These sound familiar? Maybe you’ve heard them before, or have even found yourself saying them. Is there any truth to it? Is there an age where lifting heavy weights just becomes too much for the body to handle?

I’ve got good news for you. There is never an age that is too old to start working out. Now does weight lifting look slightly different for a 20 year old than a 70 year old? Sure. But both are still capable of lifting heavy. I know a couple people in their 70’s that could own me in the gym. True story.

Regardless of what your age is, you need to start off slow, no one regardless of age should just walk in a gym and start throwing up a ton of weight. Doing so will more than likely leave you with an injury or so sore that you don’t go back. Not just that but typically when we lift more than we should our form is terrible, something I talk about all the time in my videos.

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As the age old story tells us, the turtle really does win the race, and it’s okay to take that approach with fitness.

So many new years goals fade and fizzle out almost as quickly as the fireworks on New Years Eve. Why is that? While there are many elements as to why those goals are not meant, one important one is because people view it as a sprint. “I’m gonna take off out of the gate running 100 mph, then they burn themselves out 2 weeks in and can’t figure out why they haven’t completely changed their bodies.

This stuff takes time. So whether you’re 18 or 80, start slow and build. Develop healthy habits, learn proper form, go slow in the gym, you are not there to impress anyone, and regardless of your age, you are capable of hitting some impressive numbers in the gym. Sure you have to work up to it, but you’ve got this. You can hear more about it in this week’s podcast.

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14 thoughts on “Is Age Just A Number in Fitness?

  1. I would add to this that I think people forget that you will slow with age or injury. I am accident prone, and a distance runner. I have always had strength training as a component of my workouts as it’s as important for runners as it is for any other athlete. That being said, I get hurt a lot. 6 months ago, I broke a bone and partially broke a tendon in my foot running on gravel. I have run in the woods and worse places since I was a kid, but ironically, I broke a foot both times on paved or gravel roads. I find ways to trip. I did not rebound as fast from the broken foot at 41 as I did the first time when I was 16. It was a similar injury on the same foot. 6 months later, and I am just starting to get back to running and the gym, doctor’s orders to wait this long. I still have some pain, and I have to take it slow. That’s frustrating, and I am sure being now 42 is a factor. At least I have been through this many times; I have healed from several other running injuries. Each time I get back up, and admittedly a bit slower each time. It does suck lifting half the weight I did or less as my leg continues to heal.

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