Do You Need Supplements?

Photo by Kristiana Pinne on Unsplash

Walk in to any vitamin or supplement store and it can be overwhelming at the amount of products available. Do you need them? What even are half of them?

While there are a lot of hyped up products that you don’t need, there are a few tried and true ones you do.

For starters whey protein is a must if you are trying to gain muscle. Aim for a clean protein powder with no fillers. Typically protein powders that you find in grocery stores or superstores have a lot of fillers, get a clean protein from a reputable company that specializes in supplements.

Second you should be taking creatine. Creatine is something that is naturally occurring in our bodies. Our body creates creatine to release ATP. ATP is what gives us energy to function. So the more ATP we have the better we can perform in the gym.

Two other supplements that I recommend are fish oil and Glucosamine tablets. Lifting can put a lot of strain on the joints and our fluidity, which is why it’s so important to take these.

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I run Bones to Bulk, a complete program that focuses on the nutritional, fitness, and mental game of gaining lean muscle naturally.

3 thoughts on “Do You Need Supplements?

  1. Spot on with supplements that are actually beneficial. Far too many are a total waste of money as they either do not do what they hyped to do, or they are in such minuscule quantities as to do nothing at all.

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