Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

So you are feeling under the weather, you’re not contagious and are not running a fever but you are debating on whether you need to get back in the gym yet or wait a few more days.

First off, listen to your body.   It’s usually right, if you truly know that you shouldn’t go and are contagious, stay out of the gym for the sake of all the other gym goers, there’s enough germs going around in the gym.

But if you are over the contagious part and are over the worst part but just are not at 100%, you probably need to get back in there.  Even if you don’t get a full workout in and do lighter than normal you should get back in there.

Now, be smart about it, don’t try to hit a new PR when you are not operating at full capacity, but what happens when we spend too many days out of the gym is we start getting out of the habit, and it’s harder for us to get back into those healthy habits once we are better.

And we often think if we can’t give 100% in the gym then there’s no point in going, sometimes this applies to just feeling tired as well.  A workout that is 50% effort is still better than no workout.

So the next time you are tired or are slightly under the weather, get in there and do some workouts, you will find that you will probably feel better afterwards.  Check out our free video course on getting buff.


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5 thoughts on “Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

  1. What timing! Have a head cold. Was debating what to do. You’ve just made up my mind. There will be a session later. Maybe not the best…But a session nonetheless.
    Thanks. Needed to read this post today. Much appreciated!

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