How to Build Muscle (Do This!)


When it comes to building muscle there are some key things that are needed.  But what about when you have that one muscle group that just doesn’t seem to want to grow?  We tend to all have that one muscle group that doesn’t grow like we want to.  We work it out every week and yet it still just doesn’t get where we want it to.  So what do we do? I mean we want to go from skinny to buff right?

The answer is simple.  First off anything worth doing takes time.  Muscle does not grow huge over night, and you don’t transform from skinny to buff, or bulk up overnight.  But that’s okay.

If you’ve never heard of the compound effect let me explain it briefly.  The compound effect is the thought process that when you do small actions every day over a long period of time you will see drastic results.  When you dive further into it you will see that change doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to learn more about this I highly recommend checking out Darren Hardy’s book titled “The Compound Effect.” It’s a great read.

So when you have a muscle group that you want to grow it’s simple. We use this compound effect.  Let’s say for example you are wanting to work on your biceps more. What you are going to want to do is every day no matter what muscle group you are working out you want to perform two exercises that target the biceps (or whatever muscle group you are wanting to improve).

So let’s say it’s chest day.  Do your normal chest workout then do two bicep exercises.

If it’s leg day, at the end do two bicep exercises.

If it’s arm day…perform two additional (they can be the same as exercises you already did that day) exercises.

Are you going to see results in one week? No.  But keep this up for three to six months and you will see some amazing results.

I go into it a bit more in this video:


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