Beginners Arm Workout Guide

Arm Workout

When it comes to working out your arms we probably immediately think of doing some bicep curls, maybe some tricep push-downs and getting through our workout and getting it over with.

But we often lose sight of the fundamentals of effectively lifting. So what techniques are super important for us to follow?

  1. Lower the weight on the dumbbells or barbell. Too often we get so concerned with how much weight we are lifting that we forget the basics of the mind muscle connection because we are too busy trying to get up those reps of a weight that’s probably too much for us.
  2. It’s not just about getting 10, 12, or 15 reps on each set. 5 reps that are done correctly and stretch your muscle fibers the way they are supposed to are far better than 20 that are done poorly. Focus on your form, slow down on your reps, especially the eccentric (lowering or returning to starting position phase).

In the video below I walk through what I believe to be some of the foundational exercises for triceps and biceps that you should be performing, as well as how you should be approaching your technique.

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