Why You Should Workout at Home

04-05-20 Resistance band workout

When it comes to working out, now can be a difficult time. There is a lot of pressing worries on our minds, and gyms are closed. We have every excuse not to workout right?

But now is the time we should be focusing on working out more than ever before. Fitness is not just for our physical health but our mental health as well. There are a ton of studies out there that prove the mental benefits of working out or being physically active.

Sure there may be more junk food in the house right now because your kids are home from school. Sure you are feeling more lethargic, and yes it’s just “not the same” as the gym.

But so what?

Do it anyway. All that is going on is more than enough reason to continue to be active. Whether it’s getting out for a couple walks a day, taking up yoga to some YouTube videos, or getting in a workout with some home weights or a resistance band.

I love resistance bands because they are inexpensive, are easily transported, and can let you hit every muscle group.

So stop sitting around and get moving. Check out the full resistance band workout below.


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