How to Avoid Procrastination

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Do you struggle with getting to the gym? Struggle with eating right? When it comes to food prep do you fall short?

Fitness isn’t easy. If it was everyone would be in great shape right? But good things take work. What does come easy is procrastinating. So how do we avoid the procrastination?

First off, don’t delay when it comes to working out. When your alarm goes off, don’t hit snooze and lay in bed. Set your phone across the room, jump up and go. If you are going after work, don’t come home and get comfortable. Walk in, change, and then go.

For your food, you’ve got to make it a priority. Don’t wait until you have time to grocery shop and prep because it won’t happen. Plan a time for it on one of your days off, and go after it. Go shop, and then as soon as you get home prep everything.

Having your food on track, will help keep everything else on track because you will feel like you are making progress, which will help with your workouts.

Drink water. This seems like it has nothing to do with staying on track, but as you drink lots of water, you will feel healthier, and your mind will feel like it’s accomplishing more.

Don’t skip days. If you start skipping days it will become easier and easier to skip days. So don’t allow yourself to get lazy. Stay focused, stay hungry, and stay determined.


How to Quit Saying Tomorrow

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Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘tomorrow I’ll go to the gym’? How about the infamous, ‘I’ll start my new workout plan after the holidays’. In truth there will always be some reason to put off working out and going to the gym. It will never be convenient, there won’t ever be ample amount of time, and you won’t be less busy next month.

So why tell ourselves these little lies? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves thinking that we are going to do something, even if we truly have no intention of starting.

When we talk to people we can tell them how ‘we are going to be starting soon’. It allows us to save face.

Let’s face it, if you are not actually doing it, no one cares about your talk.

So what do you do? Quit putting it off. Quit making excuses. Quit waiting to feel like it. You will never feel like it and if you wait for that, the next decade will pass you by with no change. I mention in this week’s podcast how the excuses we create in our minds can keep us stuck forever if we continue to let them have their rule.

Just go. Get your ass out of bed. Go after work regardless of how tired you are. Don’t come home and sit on the couch. Change and immediately leave again. Don’t give yourself any opportunity to fall into an excuse. If you need some accountability check out our private Facebook group and get plugged into our community.

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Keys to Winning Outside the Gym

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We know the importance of the gym, but have you ever asked what you need to be doing outside the gym to get to your fitness goals?

There are some musts when it comes to staying on track throughout the week, because let’s face it some days getting to the gym is one of the easier aspects of staying on track. And while home workouts can be beneficial outside the gym like the ones in our free program, it also takes knowing how to handle food.

The real challenges can come in the form of the donuts in the break room, your kids’ Halloween stash, or your favorite pizza delivery service on speed dial.

Because while workouts are important, food is something we have to face almost 24/7. This is something we talk about it this week’s podcast.

The first key to resisting eating something you know is going to screw up your routine, is know it’s coming. You know there’s going to be junk in the break room, so make sure you are packing your snacks and lunch bag, and if possible just avoid the break room.

2. Prep your meals, cooking and preparing meals ahead of time can keep you from picking up junk food on those days when you get home late.

3. Stay hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day not only is super beneficial for your body, but can curb cravings and make you feel more full, making it easier to resist those candy bowls set out everywhere.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes some planning and knowing what you are going to run into ahead of time.

How To Eat For Muscle Growth or Definition

bones to bulk

When it comes to developing muscles, whether you are trying to look like the hulk or just shooting for some definition, your diet is the biggest factor in that.  If you just workout and lift, you are not going to change much.  You will get stronger and you might see some very slight definition but if you just workout without changing your eating habits you are setting yourself up for failure.  I know because I did this for the first couple years I worked out.  I had no clue what I was doing, and was frustrated that I could see no results.

So how do you eat for muscle growth?  Well while there is a lot of information out there on this, there also a lot of wrong information out there.  You want to grow lean muscle not fat with muscle, so contrary to what a lot of people will say don’t just load up on calories, that’s not effective.

building muscle

You want to eat clean lean meats.  Turkey, chicken, or fish will pack the lean protein on and help with muscle growth.  Complex carbs are also a vital part of nutritional health for building muscle, complex carbs consist of things like sweet potatoes, couscous, brown rice, whole wheat bread, quinoa, whole grain oats etc.

Fresh veggies, and lots of water should be a given as well.  Stay away from any liquid if it’s not water or a low percent milk or milk alternative (like almond milk).

Finally and most importantly you have to eat the right amounts of calories, get an app like Lose It or Myfitnesspal, or just go to google and type in “calorie calculator”.  On all of these you will put in your stats, for instance, your age, weight, height, activity level and then select your goal, so weight loss for dropping some weight and toning, or weight gain for building muscle and mass.


Then it’s going to give you a number which is how many calories you should eat in a day to reach the goal you punched in.  That is your magical number that you need to hit every day.  That is what is going to determine your success or your failure.

So don’t overthink this, workout, eat clean, and hit your calorie number each day.  Do this day in and day out and after a few months you will begin to get stronger, feel better, and be healthier.  You’ve got this.

For more info check out Bones to Bulk and I would love to have you join my Facebook community, which is a place to learn new tips, and get motivated and encouraged.