Can Building Muscle Help Lose Weight?


Can building muscle help you lose weight? Absolutely.  For every 10 pounds of fat you burn 500 more calories each day.  Added up over a week you have burned 3500 extra calories.  This puts your body in a deficit.  Which leads to you losing one pound per week.

Now as you begin to gain muscle right off the bat you won’t see much change in your weight.  Sure you are going to be losing fat, but gaining muscle will result in not many changes to your scale right off the bat. But stick with it.  This is a process.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

So keep lifting, this is going to change you.  You will get those muscles you want and lose the fat.  And as you do lose the fat, those muscles will start popping.

Kitchen > Gym


Workouts are important.  As you build muscle you are naturally going to burn more calories. You can’t bulk and gain muscle by eating chips and pizza.  You’ve got to eat for your muscles.  They need good clean and wholesome food, rich in natural carbohydrates and protein, and yes even a little fat from natural and good sources like almonds and other tree nuts.

You can do all the crunches you want in the gym but if you don’t eat right that six pack is not going to shine through.

Get rid of the white flours, the sugars, the fake cereals, the red meat, the soda, the sweet tea.  Replace it with good clean meats, fish, chicken, turkey, brown rice, whole grain oats, whole wheat breads and pastas.  Veggies and lots of fruit in whole form.  I cannot stress diet enough.  This will not only get you fit, but healthy.  While we do want to gain lean muscle we also want to build lifelong health so that we are physically fit and healthy.

Beat the Excuses


Mondays can wear you out.  I know they get to me sometimes.  But you have to work through it.  Monday sets the tone for your week, so whatever it takes, and however tired you are get to the gym.  If you have to miss a day miss Tuesday or Wednesday but don’t miss Monday, because then it’s too easy to give in to missing the next day.

You deserve better than missing Monday you deserve to be the best version of you which means working your ass of sometimes.

So when the excuses are flying in your head, grab your gym shoes, lace them up and don’t give in.  Kick butt, because you’ve got this.

Prep For Success

It’s Sunday, time to prep for the week, plan your meals, and go into the week strong.  Also for me it means a little bit more time in the gym.  If you struggle with having time to make healthy meals, then definitely take advantage of your days off to prep.  You can pre-cook foods, or just prep it and have each meal of the week ready to throw in the crockpot each morning.  You’ve got this.bonestobulk

Abs Are Truly Made in the Kitchen

Eating right is the hardest part of staying on top of your fitness goals.  But healthy doesn’t have to be gross, and it’s really a matter of getting your mind around the fact that eating out, and what “appears” to taste good, is not good.  

A new meal my wife got me hooked on is simmering up some kale with quinoa and adding some salsa and chicken to it.  Great protein packed meal that is great tasting and great for you.

Don’t make eating harder than it has to be.  Eat simply, eat fresh, eat good whole foods.  You’ve got this.