How To Grow Your Muscles and Lifts

So maybe your muscle growth has stagnated.  Maybe you can’t seem to get your weight up any higher and have been stuck for awhile.  You are at a plateau.  And honestly it’s no wonder if you are doing the typical 3 sets of 12 that seems to be pretty standard.  Your muscles get bored.  OkayContinue reading “How To Grow Your Muscles and Lifts”

Clean Vs. Dirty Bulking

I’ve heard a lot of different opinion on this and whether you should eat clean when bulking.  Hope this answers some questions.   Find more at Bones to Bulk Join the Facebook community

The Key to Your Fitness Success

When you think of what it takes to be successful with your fitness goal, what come to mind?  Is it being able to lift a certain amount of weight? Is it being in the gym for two hours a day?  Is it living off of kale and protein? While none of these things are badContinue reading “The Key to Your Fitness Success”