I’m Tired of Failing

I’m tired. Yes I said it. It’s about 6:45 and I got a text from my gym buddy at about 3:45 said he was feeling under the weather and wasn’t making it. So me? I went back to bed. Now granted it’s still 6:45 so I’m still up early, but it feels late and I even haveContinue reading “I’m Tired of Failing”

Can Motivation Build Muscles?

When it comes to motivation we need it to get in shape right?  After all it’s what drives us and gets our butts to the gym when we don’t want to go.  Or does it? Motivation is kind of like gas in our car.  It can only go so far before it needs a fillContinue reading “Can Motivation Build Muscles?”

Maximize Your Muscle Gains

So if you are trying to get the maximum muscle gain at the gym and get them to keep growing outside the gym, here are a few tips you definitely should be following. First off, don’t sell yourself short on your workout.  Get the full workout by slowing down.  It’s not about how many exercisesContinue reading “Maximize Your Muscle Gains”

Ways to Add Muscle

So you are working out and your muscles just seem to not be growing.  You want to go from being skinny to buff and are seeing small results.  Well today we are going to talk about stretching them beyond your capacity.  Now food plays a huge role in being able to develop muscle and ifContinue reading “Ways to Add Muscle”

What Does It Take?

What does it take to really hit your fitness goals?  The perfect workout plan?  An on point diet?  Sure these things can help but do you want to know what you truly need for success?  It’s the willingness to do what others won’t.  See, fitness and achieving your goals is more about starting and stickingContinue reading “What Does It Take?”

Don’t Have Time to Workout?

Have you or someone you know ever said “I don’t have time to workout“?  I have heard this a lot, and it’s one of the oldest excuses in the book.  Every person on this planet has an equal share of one thing, and that’s time.  We all have 24 hours in a day and 7Continue reading “Don’t Have Time to Workout?”

How Many Reps and Sets to Build Muscle?

  So you want to gain muscle and aren’t sure where to start with your rep range.  It seems to be a well started rumor that in order to build massive muscle you should lift heavy with low reps, and to tone lift light weight with high reps.  Well it’s a myth.  There is noContinue reading “How Many Reps and Sets to Build Muscle?”

How Much Of Building Muscle Is Diet?

When it comes to building muscle, does diet play a role? Absolutely.  For the first couple years I worked out I failed to change my diet, and while I saw some definition I didn’t really start bulking up until I learned how to tweak my diet. So much of gaining or losing weight is a numbers gameContinue reading “How Much Of Building Muscle Is Diet?”