How Many Calories Do you Need?

So what is that magical calorie intake number that will allow you to shed pounds?  It may feel elusive but it’s truly not.  For starters when you are trying to figure out how much to eat you have to establish your baseline.  Your baseline can be found by clicking here.  After you plug in yourContinue reading “How Many Calories Do you Need?”

Form is Everything for Muscle Building

Just yesterday I’m walking through the gym, and saw it taking place.  It’s something that bothers me, to my core.  Not because it’s some small pet peeve, but because I know when it’s happening people are robbing themselves of their own workout. There was someone doing lat pull downs, a favorite exercise of mine, butContinue reading “Form is Everything for Muscle Building”

Pushing Through Muscle Plateaus

There comes an inevitable point if you’ve been working out for any length of time that you hit a plateau.  Whether this is in your muscle gain phase or weight loss phase, it’s bound to happen.  The first thing to remember is “don’t get frustrated”.  Just the fact that you are hitting a plateau means thatContinue reading “Pushing Through Muscle Plateaus”