How to Quit Saying Tomorrow

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Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘tomorrow I’ll go to the gym’? How about the infamous, ‘I’ll start my new workout plan after the holidays’. In truth there will always be some reason to put off working out and going to the gym. It will never be convenient, there won’t ever be ample amount of time, and you won’t be less busy next month.

So why tell ourselves these little lies? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves thinking that we are going to do something, even if we truly have no intention of starting.

When we talk to people we can tell them how ‘we are going to be starting soon’. It allows us to save face.

Let’s face it, if you are not actually doing it, no one cares about your talk.

So what do you do? Quit putting it off. Quit making excuses. Quit waiting to feel like it. You will never feel like it and if you wait for that, the next decade will pass you by with no change. I mention in this week’s podcast how the excuses we create in our minds can keep us stuck forever if we continue to let them have their rule.

Just go. Get your ass out of bed. Go after work regardless of how tired you are. Don’t come home and sit on the couch. Change and immediately leave again. Don’t give yourself any opportunity to fall into an excuse. If you need some accountability check out our private Facebook group and get plugged into our community.


How To Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym

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Have you ever found it hard actually getting to the gym? You have good intentions, and plan on waking up early and getting it done and gaining the muscle mass you long for, but you end up sleeping in, and just admit defeat, thinking you will never muster up the self-will to get in there.

It happens to us all. It’s hard sometimes to actually get into the gym, but there are some tips that can help you get by the excuses. I talk a lot about overcoming excuses on the podcast.

  1. If planning to go in the morning set yourself up for success. Have your workout clothes laid out the night before, set your alarm and put your phone across the room so you have to actually get up and go get it. And go to bed at a decent time, don’t stay up late binging your favorite show when you know you are trying to get up early.
  2. If you are planning to go after work, plan ahead. Pack your gym bag and have it in your car so that you don’t go home first and get distracted by something else.
  3. Write down your why. Have your reason always in front of you, set it as your desktop background, tape it to your dash in your car, or on your bathroom mirror. You need to know why you want to get fit. Is it for health purposes? Longevity? To have more energy? For your kids? Your spouse? To have more self-esteem? Figure out your reason and hold onto that.

Remember there’s no excuse that can’t be overcome when it comes to gaining muscle. You can accomplish this, it’s just a matter of going for it and committing to get in the gym. You’ve got this.

3 Reasons to Workout After Age 30

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Sometimes when we think of working out we tend to think of young fit people, but in reality it’s even more important for those over 30 to get in the gym and start developing muscle. Let’s break it down into the top 3 reasons you should be lifting if you are over 30.

Reason #1: After 30 you begin to lose muscle. Yep that’s right. Now don’t freak out if you are already working out, because you are good. But if you are inactive and do not workout, your body will begin lose up to 5% muscle every decade after 30. While that may not sound like a lot, think about by the time you are 70 you will have lost 20% of your muscle. That’s huge. The good news is by lifting and working out, you can avoid this muscle loss.

Reason #2: Your metabolism starts to slow down in your 30’s, it’s just part of the way our bodies are designed, but by working out, eating healthy, and staying active, you can actually increase your metabolism and keep off that fat that likes to creep on in your 30’s. To get started with our free course on how to start boosting that now, click here.

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Reason #3: As you get older your bones become more brittle, they loose density. But guess what? Lifting weights builds your bone density. We always think about how we are building muscle when we lift, but in truth our bones are growing in density and strength as well. This can help eliminate so many bone problems that we can develop later in life.

So if you’re debating on whether you should start lifting, you should, because while none of us are getting younger, we certainly can get stronger and build a healthier body no matter what our age. For more check out our podcast.

Why Cooking Every Day is Over Rated

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Food prep is perhaps one of those things that maybe you’ve read about, but it seems too complicated, or too much work. If you are on a fitness journey and feel that you don’t have time to food prep, you actually don’t have time not too prep.

Food prep saves an incredible amount of time. By cooking things in bulk, measuring out foods, putting them all in containers, and cooking your meals before hand, you are not only setting yourself up for success, but you are saving so much time.

When you don’t prep it’s easy to pick up some food on your way home from work, swing through a drive thru on your way to work, and start undoing all the work that you are putting in at the gym. Food is the number one thing that will get you in the shape you want to be in. I talk about this all the time at Bones to Bulk.

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Take a day that you are off and make a list of everything you are going to eat for the week and make a shopping list. Then go shopping. When you get home, don’t bother putting things away, start prepping! Cook your meats, cook soups, stir frys, then divide it all up into containers. Cut up vegetables, put your snacks in ziplocks or containers. Figure out breakfast, if you are doing smoothies, prep them, and make them the day before. Get your lunch together the night before work. In this week’s podcast I talk more about this.

Every step you can take to prep your food is going to get you one step closer to your goal. So don’t skip the prepping.

Coffee, Stranger Things, and Workouts

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It’s the number one thing I hear from people I train, or from those looking to train and gain muscle, “I just don’t have time”. What’s interesting is that these same people manage to fit in binging there favorite shoes late at night, getting some video game time in, or grabbing coffee with friends. I’m not saying any of those things are wrong to do, after all, my wife and I spent several very late night binging Stranger Things last year. But it should never take priority over your health and fitness.

In truth yes getting to the gym takes time. It takes work, and sometimes that is downright inconvenient. But not having energy, strength, and motivation is not a good alternative.

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So how do you find time? You don’t. Wait what? That’s right, you don’t. You make time. We talk about this more in this week’s podcast episode.

Trying to squeeze time in will lead to failure because if you don’t make time for it, you won’t go. You have to be intentional. You may have to get up an hour earlier and hit the gym on your way to work, or stay up an hour later and work out before bed. Or skip watching your show that you always tune into.

While it may seem hard, and in truth yes some days it is, but the return on your investment is so worth it.





Increase Your Bench Press

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If you’ve been lifting for any time at all, chances are you are pushing yourself to try to get better, stronger, and yep, push more weight. This is good, but can be bad. I am all for pushing yourself to increase your lifts, heck I am constantly doing it and I want to tell you the right way to do it, but first I want to explain what to be careful of. You can find me talking about this more at Bones to Bulk.

For starters in the gym I see it often, people trying to lift more weight than they should. How do I know? Because I see what their form looks like, they are not helping their muscle growth.

Lifting heavier weights that you should be not only opens yourself up to injury, but fails to target the intended muscle group and so fails to deliver the gains you want.

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So what do you do then? You go slow and change things up. Whatever exercise you are trying to increase your weight in make small changes each week. For instance, one week do higher reps and lower weight, but do as many reps as you can (if you are hitting 20 or more reps increase the weight). Continue this for 2 more sets.

Then in week 2 decrease the amount of reps and increase the weight. Continue doing this, then after several weeks start over again. This will increase the amount you are able to lift and you will notice it after you start back over.

If you are new to lifting, check out my free course on getting buff here.

Should You Drink Fruit Juice?

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Typically when you think of healthy you think of fruit juice right? A healthy breakfast of eggs, whole wheat toast and an ice cold orange juice to go along side. But fruit juice needs to be added to our do not drink list.

Here’s the breakdown. Apple juice contains more grams of sugar per ounce than soda. Yes you read that right. When we consume large amount of sugar also known as fructose, it’s digested and sent to the liver which has to process. When we consume a large quantity at once (like a soda or full glass of juice) it sends the liver into a panic because it can’t process it all, so what does it do with what it can’t process? You guessed it, turns it into fat. Not to mention all the other health problems that come with an excess of sugar.

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So then fruit must be bad too right? Not so fast. Here is the major difference. First off the amount of sugar in fruit is much less than in a glass of juice. Second fruit is loaded with fiber attached to those grams of sugar which allows our body to process and digest it in a much slower way eliminating the need for our liver to go into over-drive. This week’s podcast talks about this a little bit more.

You get the benefits not only of the fiber but of all the vitamin richness that comes with fruit without the negative consequences of juice. Adults and kids should steer away from fruit juice, and if you are after lean muscle mass, definitely add the juice aisle as one to skip at the grocery store.