Should I Eat Carbs?

With the carbophobia craze in full effect and the keto diet stronger than ever should we eat carbs? Well as we talked about my last blog, yes you should… long as they are the right carbs. So what exactly are the right carbs? Well for starters you want to avoid any carbs containing white flour,Continue reading “Should I Eat Carbs?”

Complete Nutritional Help Is Here!

When it comes to nutrition it’s a battle right? That’s why I’ve created the Complete Nutrition Guides both for weight loss and for building lean muscle mass. This isn’t a fad diet plan, it doesn’t cut out any one food group, it’s a real practical, and affordable guide on how to build life-long healthy eatingContinue reading “Complete Nutritional Help Is Here!”

The Decision to Get Fit

  When it comes to making changes with our physique and gaining muscle our mind immediately goes to the end result. What we want to look like, how we want to feel etc. This is good because we need those goals cemented in our minds in order to make forward progress and remember where weContinue reading “The Decision to Get Fit”

What Should You Prep?

So this week we have been talking about food preparation. In my previous post I talked about the importance of prepping, now I want to dive into what kinds of foods you should prep. Prep your meats, you can cook your turkey, chicken, or fish ahead of time, freeze it in zip-lock bags or containers.Continue reading “What Should You Prep?”

You Should Prep Yourself

While getting in our 4–7 workouts a week can sometimes be difficult, it pales in to comparison with our 21 meals plus snacks throughout the week, both in time and effort. Nutrition is literally the key to fitness. Don’t get me wrong workouts are very important but nutrition holds the upper hand by far. SoContinue reading “You Should Prep Yourself”

The Dirty Bulk Myth

When it comes to bulking and gaining muscle mass there’s this belief that for a certain period of time we’ll eat whatever we want, then deprive ourselves and cut. There are two things I really want when it comes to fitness. First, to have a good amount of lean muscle. Second to be healthy andContinue reading “The Dirty Bulk Myth”

I Want to Gain Muscle

Why is it so hard to gain muscle? Well in truth it is and it isn’t. I struggled so much in my early fitness years with trying to gain any kind of muscle mass. I was lifting every day. I knew I was getting stronger because I was lifting heavier, but my body composition justContinue reading “I Want to Gain Muscle”

Should You Rest?

Should you workout every day? There are a lot of varying viewpoints on this, but what is best for your muscles? Well for starters your muscles actually do their growing while you are resting, and full recovery takes up to 72 hours. But this doesn’t mean you should be practicing Netflix and chill all theContinue reading “Should You Rest?”

How Much Protein Should I Have?

If you follow the trends with protein and carbohydrates, you may find yourself scratching your head over the carb, protein macronutrient mumbo jumbo that a lot of people are throwing around like it’s the secret to everything. It’s much simpler that it gets made out to be. It’s the age old question, how much proteinContinue reading “How Much Protein Should I Have?”