Don’t Settle

Today I want to touch on something that many of us face in our lives.  And that is settling.  How many can think of a time when they settled in their life?  I know there have been times in mine.  We can do this in a relationship, telling ourselves that we might as well settleContinue reading “Don’t Settle”

Prove It

  I believe there is voice inside that is always calling to us, to be better, to rise to the occasion.  We are told by a lot of our society to blend in, fit in, and just do enough to get by.  That being content with where you are at is all that is needed. Continue reading “Prove It”

How to Set Fitness Goals

So it’s that time of year where people will start setting fitness goals.  But before you say “I want to lose weight“, or “I want to get buff“, let’s explore what you need to make and hit some successful goals.  First off, don’t just make a general or vague goal.  If you want to loseContinue reading “How to Set Fitness Goals”

Macros and Muscle Building

So maybe you’ve heard of macros and why you have to get your macros right in order to get in shape, build muscle etc.  And maybe you are scratching your head trying to figure out what the heck this macro stuff is why it seems so dang complicated.  Well I’m here to tell you notContinue reading “Macros and Muscle Building”

What Motivates You?

Let’s be honest we all get weak, we all have times when we get down, when we are sick of eating that same chicken with brown rice, or that same protein smoothie in the morning.  If you’ve been on a fitness journey at all then you know this happens.  There’s no way to avoid it. Continue reading “What Motivates You?”

Why Your Muscles Are Not Growing

So you’ve been working out, you’ve been lifting, you’ve been regular with it, but you are seeing limited muscle growth.  It can be frustrating right?  Of course.  I know because I’ve been there.  I worked out for like two years (yeah I was ill informed but stubborn), and saw little improvement. There are 2 mainContinue reading “Why Your Muscles Are Not Growing”

How To Get Fit and Build Muscle

I get told sometimes that being fit must be easy for me.  No it’s not.  In fact sometimes it sucks.  There are days when I get really tired of eating the same thing day in and day out.  Not all healthy food tastes good.  Don’t get me wrong there are some great healthy meals, butContinue reading “How To Get Fit and Build Muscle”

Do I Need Protein?

Protein, We’ve all heard we have to have it right?  But why?  And how much?  Well the truth is we’ve placed a little bit too much emphasis on protein and neglected some other important elements.  Don’t get me wrong.  We need protein.  Our muscles use Amino Acids (the building blocks of our muscles) which weContinue reading “Do I Need Protein?”

Getting Fit

Getting fit takes exercise, it takes work, it takes changing your lifestyle.  But often we think of what must be given up when we commit to fitness.  We think of the time at the gym, or the food we will miss.  But it’s not about what we will lose, it’s about what we will gain.Continue reading “Getting Fit”

Nutrition When Building Muscle

So to build muscle it’s just a matter of lifting weights right? Wrong.  If you just lift weights but do nothing to change your diet you will see very limited results.  Now nutrition doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Somewhere between macros and busting out a calculator you may have seen some very complicated formulasContinue reading “Nutrition When Building Muscle”