Are You Working Out Hard Enough?

In Monday’s blog we talked about how it’s important to not get complacent in the gym and push ourselves harder, but how exactly do we do that? I mean it sounds good in theory but in reality how do we push harder? What does that really look like? The first step is getting outside ofContinue reading “Are You Working Out Hard Enough?”

Muscle Gains Through Nutrition

So maybe you’ve been at your workouts for a decent amount of time now. You are to the point where you enjoy the pump and are now just waiting for those muscle gains. Only one problem. Where are they? Maybe they didn’t get the message to come out. Sure you think you can see aContinue reading “Muscle Gains Through Nutrition”

Isolating Muscle Groups

If there is one thing that is definitely holding you back from making the most of your muscle gains it is not isolation your muscle groups properly.  If you are not already breaking up your workouts according to muscle groups, you should be.  It’s not good to work the same muscle group every day.  ForContinue reading “Isolating Muscle Groups”

Maximize Your Muscle Gains

So if you are trying to get the maximum muscle gain at the gym and get them to keep growing outside the gym, here are a few tips you definitely should be following. First off, don’t sell yourself short on your workout.  Get the full workout by slowing down.  It’s not about how many exercisesContinue reading “Maximize Your Muscle Gains”

Why Parents Can’t Afford to Not Workout

So if you have kids I understand that planning for things and getting on a schedule is tough.  But if habits and schedules are important to keep up your fitness goals without kids, it’s even more important with them.  Now I’m not just spouting stuff off here.  I have two girls under the age ofContinue reading “Why Parents Can’t Afford to Not Workout”

How Important is Diet For Muscle Growth?

So just how important is diet to building muscle?  You may have heard various things surrounding this topic, but the truth is it’s the key to your success with building muscle.  Lifting weights is less than half the battle, in fact I’d say it’s about 25% of the battle.  If not less. When you goContinue reading “How Important is Diet For Muscle Growth?”