How to Avoid Procrastination

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Do you struggle with getting to the gym? Struggle with eating right? When it comes to food prep do you fall short?

Fitness isn’t easy. If it was everyone would be in great shape right? But good things take work. What does come easy is procrastinating. So how do we avoid the procrastination?

First off, don’t delay when it comes to working out. When your alarm goes off, don’t hit snooze and lay in bed. Set your phone across the room, jump up and go. If you are going after work, don’t come home and get comfortable. Walk in, change, and then go.

For your food, you’ve got to make it a priority. Don’t wait until you have time to grocery shop and prep because it won’t happen. Plan a time for it on one of your days off, and go after it. Go shop, and then as soon as you get home prep everything.

Having your food on track, will help keep everything else on track because you will feel like you are making progress, which will help with your workouts.

Drink water. This seems like it has nothing to do with staying on track, but as you drink lots of water, you will feel healthier, and your mind will feel like it’s accomplishing more.

Don’t skip days. If you start skipping days it will become easier and easier to skip days. So don’t allow yourself to get lazy. Stay focused, stay hungry, and stay determined.


Steps to Create Fitness Routine

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In Monday’s blog we discussed how important routine is to develop in order to achieve your fitness goals, so how does that play out in day to day life? And what routines do we need to establish?

Research shows us that when we do something the same way at the same time every day we are more likely to keep it up. So for instance your gym time, make it the same every day, don’t squeeze it in the morning one day, the afternoon the next and the middle of the night the next. Pick a time that works for you every day, and go then.

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With food, get in the habit of eating healthy foods, prep your food the same time each week, get your breakfast and lunch ready for the next day at the same time.

Have your gym bag packed, you clothes laid out, your earbuds charged. All the little habits that build up your routine are crucial to the success of your fitness program. So don’t fear them. Embrace them, build them, and whatever you do, don’t skip them! Especially in the first thirty days. Your brain needs to get accustomed to doing these healthy routines.

Check out today’s podcast to hear more on the power of routine and how to build it.